Human Fundamentalism: the Palettes

Two cult pieces from our SS12 collection, Human Fundamentalism, are the new palettes; the Neutral palette and the Fundamental palette.

Fundamental Palette

Experiment with contrasting textures, from glistening Liquid Metal in molten pewter to matt Cream Pigment in mint green, to express every inch of you alter ego. Coupled with two vibrant Powder Eye Shadows in Hype (bold yellow) and Inception (rich violet), prepare for unparalleled levels of nonconformity




Neutral Palette

Create sculpted highlights and stark contours anywhere on your face and body with these four pivotal Powder Eye Shadows. From our new antique gold shade, Vintage – exclusive to this palette – and matt shades Stealth (creamy buttermilk) and Wolf (rich chocolate brown), to the smoky charcoal depths of new shade Obsidian (rich black), express your inner light and darkness with riotous glamour.



David Horne, Director of Product Development shared his thoughts on these statement SS12 pieces.

“The palettes for this collection provide the ultimate tool for self expression, challenging a dual mix of neutrals, texture and brights. This stimulates an ecclectic response and emotional outburst of colour which signifies the freedom of expression Human Fundamentalism provokes. There is safety and risk in equal abundance with these carefully considered shades, and I’m really excited to see what the customer creates from their creativity with these.”

David Horne, Director of Product Development



We caught up with David for his artistic tips on application and how to create a statement yet wearable SS12 look:


1: Apply a sheer layer of Cream Pigment in Bedaub [Fundamental Palette] to the entire eyelid blending upwards and working a sheer layer up to the brow bone.


2: Highlight under the brow bone with Powder Eye Shadow in Stealth [Neutral Palette].


3: Define and intensify the crease of the eye with Powder Eye Shadow in Hype [Fundamental Palette]. Watch how it transforms to a beautiful lime as it washes over Cream pigment in Bedaub and the yellow blends over the mint green.


4: Apply Powder Eye Shadow in Vintage [Neutral Palette] to the lid pressing on top of Cream Pigment in Bedaub to offer intensity and adhesion to the pigment.


5: Smoke the socket using Powder Eye Shadow in Wolf [Neutral Palette] and run a little under the eye to create a smoldering intensity.


6: Highlight the centre of the eyelid with Liquid Metal in Surge [Fundamental Palette] to offer a highlight and to up the textural quality of the look.


7: Define the top lashline with Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian [Neutral Palette], a rich matt black for extra drama.


8: Finish with lashings of Masquara in Raven for a dramatic and expressive finished look.


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Will you make a statement in the Neutral or the Fundamental palette this spring?

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert