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How to: Clean Make-Up Brushes

Learn the professionals top tips for keeping cosmetics brushes as good as new

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1. Use a specific brush cleaner. You may have tried to use washing up liquid, face wipes, cleanser etc in the past but specific brush cleaners are designed to remove oil and stubborn make-up from your brushes. Seeing the bottle will also be a good reminder to yourself that it needs to be done.


2. Invest in good quality brushes. Brushes made cheaply will have an endless loss of bristles and you will be left with a sparse brush. Getting good quality brushes will mean your brushes will stay together longer and also smooth on your make-up flawlessly.


3. Dry them head-side-down. This means that the water runs off the brush and not into the joints of the brush which can loosen the handle. The lowest setting on your hair dryer can speed up the drying process. Do not place directly on a radiator or heat source to dry.


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4. Store them in a bag or upright in a cup. This will mean they are kept away tidy and clean without the risk of building up bacteria. Try our new [mwi-product sku=”03494″  type=”add” ].


5. Don’t use brushes that are years old and fraying. Some brushes may last you a couple of years, but if they are not performing as they should be, then treat yourself to a new brush.
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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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