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The androgynous/ futuristic/ Cleopatra/ Babylon/ Blade Runner-esque make-up was a work of art in itself. Alex Box tells me how she created the look…


Smooth, glowing, glistening skin was the way forward. “As there was so much gold on the eyes, I needed to complement this with sparkling skin.” Says Alex, “I mixed a small amount of Powdered Metal in ‘Bebhionn’ with Cream Foundation for the paler girls and Powdered Metal in ‘Thalia’ with Cream Foundation for the olive/ darker skins.”

The face was heavily contoured with the Powdered Metals – ‘Thalia’ was used for a golden highlight whilst ‘Erzule’ was buffed in to cheekbones for an 80s, sculpted look. “These are the most versatile products” explains Alex, “They can be used on the body, face, cheeks… mixed with lipgloss creating a wonderful sparkling lip colour.”


The eyes were liberally painted with Liquid Metal in ‘Solstice’. “We used a template by cutting some tape to mask the areas we didn’t want to cover and then painted over this template. We then piled on the Liquid Metal in ‘Solstice’ with a foundation brush to create a smooth, even base of colour with which to contour on top.”

Contouring was done with the Powdered Metals and a mix of Powder Eye Shadow in ‘Lestat’, ‘Wolf’ and ‘Fallen’ to create depth. Illuminator in ‘Halcyon’ was used to highlight under the brows and down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow to catch the light.

Alex’s trademark brow completed the look. “Mix a drop of Sealing Gel into Eyebrow Cake in ‘Vehement’ and stroke over the natural line of the brows using the Eyebrow Brush. Then go back over it and take the colour above and beyond the natual brow for a real Cleopatra look.” Explains Alex, “balance this with the strong eye. We used False Lashes in number 15 on top for the spidery effect, and number 13s below to create a very open, framed eye.”


To soften the effect of the strong eye, the lips were painted with a mixture of clear gloss [try Sheer Lipgloss in ‘Brilliant’] and Cream Foundation. Some of the models had extravagant head gear on, and these guys had Liquid Metal in Solstice painted on for a pure molten mouth.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert