Haute at Concrete!

Friday 12th November saw the launch of Haute – a new monthly night at Shoreditch’s trendy Concrete club [beneath the popular Pizza East] – the brainchild of fabulous socialite Munroe Bergdorf, with Illamasqua National Make-up Artists Mika and Adam [as his alter ego Medusa] as hosts along with Andre J [from legendary club night Caligula].

The industrial, underground warehouse feel lent itself brilliantly to the pumping tracks and bumping bass blasted out by the likes of The Lovely Jonjo, Munroe and Joshyou Are.

I went along with International Account Manager Calum and Business Manager of our Flagship store at 20 Beak St, Ian as well as some friends to let our hair down! Illamasqua co-sponsored the night with Sheer Magazine and it was a rip roaring success according to tweets throughout the night and Facebook statuses the next morning..!

The make-up on show was fabulous, as well as some amazing hair colours and personal style…

And Mika got his hands on a pair of the Nail Quills that have been creating more than a stir in the press, blogosphere and our loyal customer base – so here they are in action…

Thanks to megamegamega.com for the images!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert