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Goodbye Illamasqua – Love Laura!

I have been working at Illamasqua for 7 months now in the Social Media department. It is my last day today before I will return back to University in September. Here are some of my highlights since working at Illamasqua.

I was trying to think what has been my favourite moment since working here and I couldn’t think of only one. I have had so many amazing experiences! Such as going to the Premier of ‘Woman In Black’ and getting to walk down the red carpet, just meters away from my beloved Daniel Radcliffe! I also got to meet Azealia Banks a few days ago which was a huge highlight as I love her music!

Getting to attend the SS12 & AW12 blogger events were great as I got to meet so many amazing bloggers that are passionate about the brand and I hope we can keep in touch! I remember the first time I met Alex Box and being amazed by her talent and beauty and I feel honoured to have been able to watch her work on many occasions.

The launch of the new website was definitely a time to remember. Alex the Social Media Manager decided it was a good idea to do moving swatches for each product – which is a great feature of the website – but ohhhhh my it was a good two weeks at work until at least 11pm every night! And I can safely say I put on a good few pounds with ordering pizza everynight but it certainly paid off! Check out our labour of love here – just click on the Moving Swatch…

So this is just a goodbye and a thank you to everyone at Illamasqua and everyone I have met since working here. I have dedicated my nails to the occasion. Big Thank You!

I have loved every minute of working here and Illamasqua will always remain in my heart (and on my arm) forever!

Hope you have all enjoyed my weekly nail art posts on Facebook! Love Y’all!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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