Get Nailed: Day II!

We have a fantastic offer coming up for all you nail colour obsessives this weekend! We are going to be offering 5 different Nail Varnishes on Saturday 5th May, Sunday 6th May and Monday 7th May all at 45% off, from £13.50 a varnish to just £7.50!

But the difference about this offer is that we want YOU to vote for which 5 shades will be on offer out of a selection of 10 that we give you…

Yesterday you voted on Illamasqua’s facebook page for what this coming Saturday 5th May offer will be and the Nail Varnishes that YOU voted for to be on 45% discount are:



Faux Pas




This Saturday’s offer is being decided today [Monday 30th April], so vote away on our Facebook page poll.

The shades to choose between today are …


 Vote now on our Facebook page!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert