Generation Q: Nails


The two new shades in the collection are Charisma [Deep Raspberry Pink] and Creator [Magical Black].

These two stunning, sultry new colours have been used in a variety of ways in the campaign [see the video below for ideas on how to recreate them!] and are now available to buy for the very first time at Illamasqua counters globally and at illamasqua.com! What ways will you come up with of wearing them? We love Swatch And Learn’s interpretation

Product Development Director David Horne says “Charisma is inspired by the classical elegance of women but within the colour is a burning fire of metallic tones. A ruby, a berry, a metal a rich hue. Ultimately feminine glamour with a contemporary fusion of tones.”

“Creator is inspired by a decadent dark chandelier it appeals to the beauty of jet and is modern with the silver sparks which bring it to life. This colour appeals to the ‘magpie factor’ where the bird is drawn to all things dark and shiny and it simple becomes a must have! Mysterious and statement – a magical black.” – David Horne

 “There is something about a classical woman wearing a dark nail that says if you think you know me think again and reminds of that we must never assume the superficial is at the heart of the human. Ultimate grandeur and subversive elegance.” – David Horne

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert