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This week we are delving further into our AW12 campaign, and bringing to you the handsome Ian…

So Ian, Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in the North West and have lived in London for twenty years. I turned forty this year so being asked to be a part of the new campaign was a flattering soft pillow to my joining a new decade. I’m a writer and director. I’ve written such shows as FM for ITV2 and I’ve just finished a pilot set in Peckham where I live. I’ve directed a show called Sorry I’ve Got No Head for CBBC, a brilliant sketch show and I’m in Northern Ireland just now directing a comedy drama. In a castle. Which is nice.

What is your personal relationship with make-up?

As a rule I don’t wear make-up because it’s not something I’ve been around growing up with. I grew up on music such as The Stone Roses, Charlatans and Happy Mondays and make-up wasn’t part of that scene.  When I’ve gone to a fancy dress party and have put eyeliner on, everyone would say that it brings out my eyes. Or rather I look more interesting wearing it so I should wear it more often.

What were your initial reactions to finding out you’d be chosen from thousands to star in Illamasqua’s AW12 campaign?

Flattered. I thought you’d mistakenly picked the wrong person.

Walking on set, how did it feel to be a model and experience a professional photoshoot?

The team from Illamasqua made me feel very relaxed. I walked into a nice family atmosphere, very chatty and there was a cat at the studio the size of a lion which was getting all the attention, so I managed to stay under the radar until it was time to shoot. The photographer made me feel really relaxed. It was fun.

What did you think of your look and is there any piece you can’t wait wear?

I’ve just changed my look. I was up until a few years ago a jeans and trainers man but I now favour vintage trousers, shoes and possibly a waistcoat with a t-shirt in an attempt to smarten things up a bit. Hats have always been an issue. I can’ find a hat that goes with my head. I loved the suit, I felt like a cool villain in an alternative universe James Bond movie.

What was it like having your make-up done by Creative Director Alex Box?

She’s a very cool lady. A true artist. She’s so down to earth and chatted all the way through making me up. When I looked in the mirror afterwards I couldn’t believe what she’d done.

Are you excited to see your imagery on Illamasqua counters across the world?

I don’t think I’ve quite realised it’s about to happen. It will only hit me when I see it. Put it this way, If someone had told me ten years ago I’d be a face in a make-up campaign, I would have thought them insane.

What are your thoughts on our use of real women for our campaign?

Finally! I’m very aware of how body conscious women, young and old are and the models that are used 95% of the time in beauty and fashion do not represent 95% of the women buying the products.

Why do you think that men should be empowered to wear bold, colourful make-up at any age?

Because self-expression is one of the only freedoms we have left, that doesn’t cost anything.

What have you taken away with you from the whole experience?

You’re never too old, too male or too ordinary to wear make-up and that it’s not only a moustache or a bit of stubble that can change the way a man’s face looks.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert