Gabby Young’s support for Japan!

British singer and icon Gabby Young was touched by the story of the Japanese earthquake of earlier this year and has dedicated a song to the relief efforts with with all proceeds going towards Japan. As a brand ambassador and huge fan of Illamasqua we thought we’d share a little more of her work with you…

Here’s more from Gabby on her contributions…

Earlier this year British songstress Gabby Young visited Japan on her world tour,where she fell in love with both the country and its people who greeted with great warmth and hospitality.A few weeks later on the same tour she was performing at SXSW in America when she heard the dreadful news of the earthquake and tsunami.

 Feeling a need to help, she immediately started organising the recording of a ‘Song for Japan’, encouraging her friends and family from all over the world, both professional singers and amateurs, to record their own contributions. Culminating in a recording session once she returned to the UK, the final song, a reworking of the title track from Gabby’s album ‘We’re all in this together’, has now been finished, featuring the talents of Gabby Young, Stephen Ellis of Revere, Tallulah Rendall, Kate Sikora and Kai Altair.
The beautiful artwork was created by New York artist Katelan Van Foisy.
Available now on itunes – click here
Video trailer on Youtube – click here

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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