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Flowchart Fridays! Which Illamasqua Lipstick are you?!

Flowchart Fridays


HEY HEY! Welcome to the NEW Flowchart Fridays that we will be bringing to you on a monthly basis.

These will help you select our shades when you can’t get to store or maybe you just need a bit of friendly advice. These fun quizzes will take into account your personality, style and tastes rather than solely basing your appearance on the decision. We are all told that there are rules within make up but we certainly don’t play by them!

Our first chart is to help you discover our Lipsticks. Now, we’re not saying you should follow these charts like they’re the all seeing eye but they are a bit of playful fun that might get you thinking about shades you hadn’t considered before or maybe just to clarify that yes, you wear black lipstick all the time but it is indeed, meant to be!

Go ahead, try it out:

Lipstick Flowchart Complete


Which results did YOU get?

Glamore Nudes – Brilliant! I hear you cry, that sounds right up my street but the next dilemma, which shade of nude? I mean we have 7! Never fear, the nude selector is HERE

Matte Brights – You are not afraid are you? Go forth unto the Illamasqua website and select your pout perfection weapon HERE

Glamore Colours – I could almost kiss you with those lips! Browse the pretty shades HERE

Matte Cool – You’re so cool that you prefer cool tones right? Hop on down to cool lipstick heaven right HERE

I hope you enjoyed this flowchart fun! Have you any ideas for future charts? Are you stuck and you need a helping hand? Heidi is here to help! Comment below and I will see what I can do for you!

Lots of Illamasqua Love,



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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