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Fast Track Fame: Child Stars

How being a child star can affect quality of life

Over the years, we have watched the rise of child stars and their transition to adult stardom. Whether it stems from Hollywood movies, TV shows, music artists or the catwalk, we are witnessing more and more children catapult into the lime light in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Projected into fame at such tender ages, many young stars are merely teenagers plucked from their accustomed surroundings and launched into a world of riches, paparazzi and high profile networks. The mainstream day-to-day living has vanished and they are suddenly recognised faces across the planet, followed constantly by the gawping eyes of the media. Rather daunting if we are to compare what we were doing at 13 years of age…

Now you could look at these stars and think how lucky they have been.  The lives they live must be lavish, luxurious and incredibly rich. They probably are. Or, you could look at it in a different light and see a very familiar pattern in behaviour and actions as they have developed into adult stardom in front of the beady eyes of the press.

There are so many disastrous incidents we have witnessed – public breakdowns, imprisonment, drug taking and with some incredibly tragic cases, death. We only have to look at the recent news of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Brown, who sadly passed away at the age of 22 to see the damaging impact fame can have on these young individuals.

With more and more incidents occurring where we are witnessing young talent crack, it makes you wonder about the negative impact being famous can have. These stars may have the frill of fortune and security, but they have been denied the luxury to grow up in their own time. Teenage celebrities have had to become adult minded overnight and with some cases in the fashion industry; appear much older than they really are. A rather daunting prospect for young minds who are not yet even exposed to the day-to-day life of being an adult, making choices and having responsibilities.

Despite these concerns, young talent is thriving. Whether they are offspring from famous families, YouTube sensations or individuals head hunted, the celebrity world is expanding with more and more youths taking centre stage and beginning a career of their own when they are not even out of education. Incredibly admiring in some aspects but at the same time a frightening vision on how much we are losing the youth and innocence of our future generations.

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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert