Essential Techniques: Defined Brows

Continuing the release of our Essential Technique videos, this week we would like to share with you Defined Brows. Showing the perfect way to create a striking, framed eye brows that suit any face shape.

The video shows our Key Artist and Trainer; Adam John, as he takes you through a journey of self discovery to best enhance your features in ways you never thought were possible. Sharing his own tips and hints on what to do, this quick and easy video is a must see to help create defined brows. Showing you step to step, he begins with where your eyebrows should firstly sit on your face, giving you angles to start off at. He then shows you how to shade in the structure of the brows and how to make them appear fully and more arched, creating definition and highlighting certain areas.

You will be amazed with what a little bit of Eye Brow Cake and Gleam in Aurora can achieve, and once you draw on these stunning new eyebrows you will never look back!

We are currently offering a limited deal on our Angled Brush, Gleam in Aurora and any shade in Eyebrow Cake, originally £51.00, now £40.80! This bundle offers 20% off until Thursday 10th October. Buy here.




Watch our video here

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert