Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women – Edie Sedgwick

We continue our series looking at inspirational women with Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse and star of the Factory Pop Art scene.

Edie began working with Andy Warhol in the 1960’s and starred in a series of films he directed and as a result became known as ‘The Girl of The Year’ in 1965. She became one of the first iconic ‘It’ girls who mixed in circles with artists, musicians and socialites who came to define the ‘Swinging Sixties’ scene in Manhattan.

Edie’s strong sense of style and approach to fashion made her an icon of the times as she developed her “trademark” look – black leotards, mini dresses, and large chandelier earrings. A biopic ‘Factory Girl’ starring Sienna Miller was released in 2006 exploring her life and lasting effect on fashion and design.

Throughout 1965, Sedgwick and Warhol continued making films together – Outer and Inner SpacePrisonLupe and Chelsea Girls. While they became estranged later on Edie was undoubtedly a huge influence on Andy’s work and the aesthetic of the Factory scene. She remains a symbol of the 1960’s where the edges between art and fashion were blurred. Edie ultimately came to embody the hedonistic feel of the decade and the new-found freedom women were beginning to enjoy.


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