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Our Product Development Manager, Pippa, visited our very own Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art recently. Find out what she discovered and learnt through her diary…

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DAY 1: Turning up at The Illamasqua School of Make-Up Art on the first day, I was full of excitement and nerves. Working in Product Development for Illamasqua, I knew embarrassingly little about professional make-up application, so this was the perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge.

We were a small group of eight, and after an initial group introduction, we went quickly into colour theory, which was absolutely fascinating. Tonee, our Educator, was engaging and told lots us interesting anecdotes to make everything really relevant to how things would be applied in the industry. We moved on to base and brows, learning priming, foundation and concealer application, sculpting and brows. We paired up to practise and all left looking flawless.

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Day 2: Today was with Helen, another Educator, and was an equally interesting and informative day learning to create the perfect smokey eye, as well as liner application (life changing tips!). We did this using black only (because it’s the hardest), and learnt a vital rule: blend, blend, and blend.

Illamasqua School

Day 3: The third day amped up on the technical side, where we were looking at a cut crease, with upper and lower liner. It was admittedly very difficult, but Tonee was on hand to help everyone when things weren’t going right, and we all ended up with something resembling what he had shown us in the morning.

Day 4: This was all about colour. In the morning we learnt professional lipstick application, then we were given free rein to practise techniques from earlier in the week to create a full face of colour make-up. I went for a purple smokey eye and turquoise lips on my partner and was actually really pleased with the end result! It was great fun and I think we had all gained a lot of confidence and were really enjoying experimenting with the looks.

Illamasqua School

Day 5: The final day was the BIG one. We had been shown looks on day 1 from four different Illamasqua campaigns and were told to recreate one of our choice, in 90 minutes. We had not seen a demonstration specifically, but had learnt all the techniques needed throughout the week. Everyone was nervous but excited, and in the afternoon we begun. Probably one of the more quiet practical sessions, as everyone was concentrating on what needed to be done. I chose to do the Valentines campaign from 2013, ‘Throb’, as it was the hardest of the four options (go hard or go home, right?). Once the 90 minutes was up, I had a complete look, which admittedly was a far cry from perfect, but I was so pleased with the result and really felt like I had come a long way since Monday morning. I am excited to continue practising these techniques on all my friends, family and anyone that will let me!

I would recommend the course to anybody who is interested in the industry. Now the hardest thing is deciding which course to do next…

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