‘Designed By You’: Create a New Nail Varnish Shade of You

 Have you always dreamt of your perfect shade of nail varnish and never quite been able to find it anywhere!?

Illamasqua are here to solve this problem and fullfill your nail varnish dreams! The Illamasqua ‘Designed By You’ box offers a unique opportunity to create a stunning Nail Varnish dreamt by you, created by Illamasqua, in the colour and finish of your choice.

Designed By You

“Making your dream cosmetic idea come to life in colour” – David Horne

You will work closely with our Director of Product Development David Horne to make your vision a reality. You will create ten stunning Limited Edition bottles of your exclusive enamel, which will be long-lasting and super pigmented, to place in your nail varnish collection. Through working with David you will see how a Nail Varnish goes from concept to creation and experience a beauty process which you will have never witnessed before! Working in Illamasqua HQ is so exciting and we all jump out of our chairs when David comes down to share his new Illamasqua creation with us, and you could experience just this!

Designed By You- close

Keep them all for yourself, or share with friends, this makes a great bespoke Christmas gift idea for a nail varnish lover in your life! This experience costs £300, and this price includes the consultations with David Horne and 10 bottles of your exclusive Nail Varnish shade. ‘Designed by You’ is available exclusively to Selfridges Oxford Street, Trafford and Birmingham Bullring.

Being a nail varnish lover my self this experience sounds SO exciting and I cannot wait to see some of the shades that you create!

Until next time, Sam x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert