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Illamasqua Interviews…Courtesans

Illamasqua catch-up with the Courtesans after their Bloodstock performance on the Sophie Lancaster stage for Illamasqua’s #GothUpForSophie campaign.

You performed on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock this year…how does this make you feel as an alternative band?

Sinead: It’s a huge honour. We have followed the foundation for many years and fully respect what S.O.P.H.I.E stands for “Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere”

Agnes: Immensely excited! Musically we don’t seem to fall clearly into any particular genre. We are a bunch of total misfits which transcends into our sound and therefore performing on the S.O.P.H.I.E stage, which represents a call for diversity and tolerance, is perfect for us!

Vikki: Very proud to play on the Sophie Lancaster stage. We are individuals and we should all be accepted for who we are and that is what the S.O.P.H.I.E stage stands for.

Saffire: We are humbled. It’s an honour to be representing on behalf of Sophie and her family. Representing individuals who may see themselves as not being accepted by the wider society. We are those people. We welcome and greet all new friends with open arms, this has proved to transpire. Hopefully, our influence will make a difference.

Tell us how you all came together as a band?

Sinead: The universe does amazing things and something I will be forever grateful for is bringing our souls together.

Agnes: We met in a strange chain of coincidences followed by some dark web surfing. To keep a long story short, we met via different musical/artistic projects, we fell in love with each other as friends and decided to do music together.

Vikki: I found these crazy lot on the internet and now there’s no going back!

Saffire: we wrote music with each other in our previous lives but it was not the right time or vision. Something or someone made us connect the dots.


What would you like people, who listen to your music for the first time, to take away with them from your music?

Sinead: I think when someone listens to a track the feeling can be quite personal – If they feel something from the heart that speaks volumes for us as artists.

Agnes: Elation sprinkled with a few bitter specks of depression followed by a sharp citrusy analysis of the world and finished off with total emotional catharsis and a killer hangover.

Vikki: To enjoy the music and hopefully, they will want to listen to it again Lols!

Saffire: We each put a bit of the very music that made us who we are as people into a melting pot and this is what formed. What we are projecting is our thoughts in frequency.

What are your individual personalities and how do you express this through your fashion & make-up?

Sinead: I guess I’m a bit of a Tomboy Bipolar Barbie – I am generally quite grungy and always have been but most days I just get up and wear whatever I want – The way you express yourself on the outside should never be restricted and if that means one day you want to wake up and wear a banana suit DO IT!

Agnes: We are four very different but equally strong personalities. Since I remember I would do everything inside out, wrong way round. I’d wear clothes that don’t match, clash colours etc. I would call my style ‘sock & sandal vandal’ or ‘marmite rebel’. Basically, I seem to spit on any trends with my sense of fashion (or lack thereof) and rebellious nature.

Vikki: I think my personality is very chilled like a sloth. My favourite clothes are pyjamas which I sometimes wear on stage. I like grunge make-up and crazy coloured hair and loads of extensions

Saffire: I love glamour, smoky, nostalgia, goth, urban. Heroin chic. I would like to be this sophisticated, underneath I am Kim Kardashian but on top, I am just another person crushing things at the dump. Sometimes this is vice versa.

What are your favourite Illamasqua products?

Sinead: “OMG Beyond Powder” is amazing I feel like a vegan mermaid seaweed only, please

Agnes: As a photographer and a video editor I must say that pigments in your products are amazing and create vivid, strong and defined colours! My personal favourites are Ritual, Inception and Fatal eye shadows! As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I praise your primers and foundations which are super kind to troublesome complexions like mine.

Vikki: I love the primer and the foundation it gives you really nice natural even coverage. It is great for the stage as I get really hot but it stays put beautifully and still looks fresh after getting off stage. I also love the eyeliner. I love it all really.

Saffire: Precision Liner in Abyss & Eye Shadow in Daemon, when I wear that it makes my eyes look really green. All of the products have been amazing.

If you could talk to everyone in the world for 5 minutes, what would you say?

Agnes: Our personal happiness and well-being depend on happiness and well-being of everything and everyone around you, we are all connected and co-dependent so start caring!

Vikki: Everyone needs to chill out. Be nice to each other. Enjoy your one life that you’ve got. And leave your bit of the world in a better state than how you found it.

Saffire: What has made you really, really laugh? Write all of these stories down because one day you might not be able to remember them.

If you could choose to have a superpower for the day, which power would you choose?

Sinead: I’m going to go all Nelly Furtado on you and say fly – I’m like a bird…

Agnes: I would like to be able to make people experience and feel what others do for a day at a stroke of my hand.

Vikki: Click my fingers and a cocktail would appear anytime.

Saffire: Sandman… To make everyone in the world have an amazing sleep.

What is one thing you love about being you?

Sinead: Acceptance – From a young age I grew up to accept people for who they are and not their cover. This is something I have always trusted and I am proud of.

Agnes: Being a misfit, being goofy, being tough and most of all my hyperactive, analytical brain that wants to understand and feel everything down to a subatomic level and beyond.

Vikki: My empathy for others and how they are feeling always.

Saffire: I can take interest in things that might bore other people, I find the world completely fascinating, many people go by without even noticing it. Thank you Illamasqua


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Illamasqua catch-up with the Courtesans after their Bloodstock performance on the Sophie Lancaster stage for Illamasqua’s #GothUpForSophie campaign.

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