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Country Bumpkin Turns City Girl..

After moving to London six weeks ago, my whole routine in life has totally changed. I’ve gone from living the student lifestyle and sleeping in till 12, to working 9-5 and treasuring the weekends.

London is like no where I have ever lived before but I absolutely love it.

I’m a bit of a country bumpkin; I’m used to lots of green fields, sheeps and cows and a sea breeze so being in London with the constant rush, tall buildings and muggy air is something I’m getting used too. So many things are different in this capital city, for example travelling; usually I’d get ready for work and hop in my car and off I go – now it’s a case of fighting my way through herds of people and squeezing onto the tube. I end up at work feeling like I need another shower!


Another thing I noticed that is different about London is the fashion. Why is it so different here in the big city compared to other towns I’ve lived in like Bournemouth or Plymouth? Do all towns dress differently? Back in Bournemouth, I always thought it was acceptable to get petrol in my pyjamas or pop to the shop for milk in slippers, if I ever went into town for some shopping I’d just throw on leggings and a jumper. But now I’m in London, I feel like every day I’m living in a real life fashion show; perfect excuse for shopping but dangerous for the bank account. I was walking through Oxford Street last week and I was just in awe of everyone’s beauty. The great thing is, everyone looks good but completely different. I have always had a perception of London being quite fashionable and very ‘cosmopolitan’ but I never quite pictured the variety of style. There is such a large mix of cultures and sub cultures, from geek to grunge, goth to trendy, punk rocker to designer queen, mod to hippy; everyone looks amazing but in their own unique way. It’s something that I’m not used too.

Another thing I am finding difficult to adjust to is the ‘desk to dancefloor’ mentality of London. Here at Illamasqua HQ, we went for drinks last Friday night and I was totally confused when somebody told me that we were going straight from work. ‘What on earth do I do with my hair? Clothes? Make-up? Shower?’ was all that was running through my head. Who on earth goes straight from work on a night out? Most working people in London, apparently! Luckily, the team told me in advance so I managed to pull together an ‘office chic’ outfit but with a twist so it looked glam for the evening. I always find that Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation is also perfect for those long days, it is such good coverage but quite lightweight so if I have a little touch up before drinks I don’t end up looking  streaky or caked.


Something else I have to get used to is wearing flats. Prior to my first day at Illamasqua I found the most perfect outfit, and brought some gorgeous ‘work’ shoes with a 4 inch heel. So when I was hobbling around on my first morning because my feet hurt, I was really confused to see most women on the tube in flats? Then I discovered that most workers of London wear flats to work and change once in the office; strange for me but very practical!. So now my bottom draw has been filled up with shoes! One lesson I have learnt.. always have an emergency outfit at work for those unexpected nights!

So this is my story so far, its certainly been an interesting first six weeks in the capital city but I can’t wait to learn more about the London way of life…

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert