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Personalised – How to contour

Take our quiz below to find the best contour tool for you based on your preferences and experience.

If you want to know how to contour best to suit your needs then take our quiz now and read on for more information on your results.

How to contour

Which result did you get? Read on for more information about how to contour with your perfect match.

[mwi-product sku=”1000010″  type=”add” ]


How to apply – Apply a[mwi-product sku=”1000010″  type=”add” ] two shades deeper for the contour and two shades lighter to highlight. Use a[mwi-product sku=”03046″  type=”add” ] to apply and then blend in with your usual skin base foundation shade. For a strong contour, use[mwi-product sku=”03170″  type=”add” ] to highlight and an even deeper shade for your contour.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 16.18.57

[mwi-product sku=”03497″  type=”add” ]

How to apply – Use the lighter tones to highlight (Rush and Cirrus) and Nimbus (grey tone) to contour as this gives a real shadow effect. Then blend together with the other shades. Play around with this palette to find the right tones for you (or your model). Feel free to use the palette as a eye shadows and enjoy its diversity. If you want a compact version, try our[mwi-product sku=”03424″  type=”add” ]



[mwi-product sku=”03453″  type=”add” ]


How to apply – Use our ‘Heart of the hand’ technique to apply this. Apply the gel to the heart of your hand and push up under the cheekbones. Complement the look with Gel Colour which comes in shades [mwi-product sku=”N00664″  type=”add” ] and[mwi-product sku=”N00665″  type=”add” ] to suit your preference.



Alex Box using the Heart of the hand technique (Image:

[mwi-product sku=”01010″  type=”add” ]


How to apply – Apply with a [mwi-product sku=”03050″  type=”add” ] under cheekbones under or over your usual foundation. Great as an eye base too, this cream pigment is so diverse.




 Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.29.28

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