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Congratulations To Our Distinction Awards Winners 2011

Illamasqua would like to congratulate last years Foundation 2nd year finalist in The Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards for their grades in degree and end of year results!

Last year the finalist were in their second year in university/college and still working out what sort of make-up artist they were and what direction they would take when finishing their degree or course.

A year on and the contestant have shown that their inspiration and talent have grown in their final year, here is what each contestant thought helped them get there results and what they were awarded…

Kat Vogart (Last years winner) Southampton Solent University

“My Graduation Ceremony is this November and will be even more remarkable as I am awarded a First Class Honours degree by the decision of the Progression and Award Board.

This tremendous news came together with the results revealing another surprise – 100% for my Portfolio Construction Project, the mark I suspected to be unattainable. yet I made it! Maximum grade followed by Upper First for my Final Major Project, the final year was extremely successful. Mainly because over the last year I truly developed my style and matured as an artist, using my fine art background to create very metaphorical and emotional characters.

Everything I have been feeling over the last couple of months is reflected in my latest work. I am so glad that all my hard work was appreciated and extremely happy to be chosen to present my work in an art gallery this autumn!”

Alison Meek  Southampton Solent

“I achieved a First class honours. I felt really proud and fulfilled that I strived for only the best during the 3 years I had at Solent. I was inspired a lot by dark dreams I was having personally, and my make-up designs were that of transforming those nightmares into motivating, dreamlike and iridescent visions. Much of my final work captured the ‘journey of the artist’ through visual metaphor and image.

The feeling of achieving a first was of belonging and that I had finally been accepted for my artistic beliefs and originality. It was a thrill to think my ideas were thought of at such a high level, and I was beginning to believe in my make-up style a lot more. Looking back, I certainly don’t regret giving my all to make-up art.”

Lara Himpelmann Southampton Solent

“I was thrilled to find out that I will be graduating in November with a First Class (BA) Honours degree, with 2 of my units passing with 100% which was fanastic news. I worked very hard throughout my three years however the third year was a real test of how far I could push my own creative boundaries.
I am so pleased with the outcome of my final book. Sometimes, projects seem impossible until they are finished and this is certainly the feeling for this project. It has stretched the extent of my ability, boosting my ambition and passion to create even greater, more innovative things for the future.”

Rhiannon Salter (Somerset College)

“I attended Somerset College of Arts and Technology for my third year which I achieved a second class honours degree. I was thrilled to Achieve this grade as I worked hard through my three years at Somerset College and can’t wait to accomplish more and further my skills.

My final project was based on a personal reflection of myself, creating two contrasting characters with one being based on my love of old literature and the other being based on my love of colour and textiles. A great example of this is sewing, I took inspiration from sewing and was able to express this through body paint and wig making.”

Well done to you all! If you would like to enter The Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards click here to enter.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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