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Meet the team: Cassie – Illamasqua Westfield


(Cassie – Follow Cassie on instagram: @cassiehoskings)

Hi Cassie! Let’s start right at the beginning! Can you tell us a little bit about you and how you first got into the make-up world?

Oh Hi! So I’m 28, and I live in Reading with my boyfriend and my two baby rats, Albus and Marmalade 😀
I’ve always loved make-up and started really experimenting with it when I was about 14
(I used to shave my eyebrows off and draw them back on with purple eyeliner… not my strongest look!).
It took me a while to figure out my career plans when I left school but started working in retail make-up when I was 20 and haven’t looked back ☺

What does being Illamasqua Westfield Business Manager entail?

Basically I make sure the business runs smoothly, keeping my team motivated, meeting some awesome people and playing with lots of amazing make up!

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(The new Illamasqua Westfield Debenhams team Cassie, Kristi and Levi-Jade)

How did you get to become Business Manager for Illamasqua Westfield?

I actually interviewed for a Retail Artist position in Selfridges. I was completely unaware that the Westfield counter was opening at that point. I was asked if I was interested in the position… uhh yes please!!

The Illamasqua Westfield, Debenhams store is our most recently opened store. How do you feel being the new kid on the block and what ideas do you have for the future?

It’s a little bit scary but so exciting! It’s great to be able to bring the counter to life and watch it grow. Westfield is an amazing place to work because there is always something going on and once our Debenhams store has finished it refurbishment, it’s going to be stunning. We’re going to have a huge launch party and loads of great events carrying on from that. I’d love to link up with some really cool brands within Westfield too.


(The new Illamasqua Westfield store)
Which is your favourite Illamasqua product and why?

It has to be [mwi-product sku=”03459″ type=”add” ] And [mwi-product sku=”1000010″ type=”add” ] Together they are a dreeammm.

What would you say to someone trying to start a career in the retail make-up?

Work for a brand that you love! It’s so important to have that passion for what you’re using and selling.


(Cassie recreated our ‘Dead Pussy’ Halloween face chart this Halloween!)

Do you a favourite beauty tip/fact to share with us?

Drink plenty of water! It’s crucial to having healthy glowing skin 🙂

Thanks Cassie, it is so great to have you on board and welcome to the #illafam

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