Body Electrics – Nail Varnish Breakdown by Sophy Robson

The brand new SS10 Body Electrics collection has now been live to purchase for three days and every day this week I will be focusing on a particular piece within the collection.

Today, I bring you the highly anticipated Nail Varnishes!

Sophy Robson – the nail maestro behind the likes of Louis Vuitton and Henry Holland, owner of Sophy Robson Nailcare Clinic at the British shopping emporium Fortnum and Mason’s, London and co-judge on our fabulous Nail Varnish Competition [update coming soon!] – created the tantalicious talons of the models for our campaign.

She tells me: “For the new Body Electrics collection I created long powerful nails, to show off the light reflecting pigments of the electrifying colours from the new collection. I wanted them to be extreme but ethereal at the same time, almost like insect wings. I love the versatility of Prism – it can be used on its own for a very modern, chic pearlised white nail or over any other colour to give it a subtle glimmer.

On the Force nails, I added jewels to show off the richness and intensity of the deep electric blue.”

The main colour gracing the nails of the Illamasqua HQ team at the moment is Jo’Mina, a beautiful pink/purple/lilac creme [don’t you just love my colour descriptions…] – it’s a perfect season transition colour. Not too bright as to screaming “Summer time!” but not too muted as to remind us of Autumn. Spring in a bottle, then!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert