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Beyond The Stereotype

As a brand that promotes the right to experiment and self-express, Illamasqua is proud to support and encourage changing attitudes towards gender barriers within beauty. We encourage our customers & fan base (the Illamafia) to celebrate individuality and go #BeyondTheStereotype.


Illamasqua Human Up: Beyond The Stereotype

Illamasqua’s antidote to the traditional Christmas campaign explores gender and pre-conceived expectations of beauty. Going #BeyondTheStereotype, Illamasqua are getting festive with self-expression, confidence and colour.


Our antidote to the traditional Christmas campaign, we explore gender and pre-conceived expectations of beauty. Going #BeyondTheStereotype, Illamasqua are getting festive with self-expression, confidence and colour. The Human Up campaign focus on Gender Freedom within beauty, and now our social campaign is challenging the Illamafia to share how they ‘Live beyond the stereotype’ of gender and it’s meaning to them. Inspired by the name of one of our products, we have asked influencers from Instagram to join us and share their story. We hope to encourage others to talk about this subject and create an important discussion within the beauty community.

We invite you to join us in going #BeyondTheStereotype;

  • Create a makeup look using one or more of our products as the main focus
  • In the caption use the hashtag #BeyondTheStereotype and tell your story inspired by the name of your product.

For inspiration, take a look at what some of our Influencer friends have created so far…

MIA KENNINGTON – @thrillsoftomorrow

We are all made up of one thing and that is ‘ENERGY’. It surrounds us everywhere, there is no structure, straight lines or mould to fit, it’s infinite.
I chose this word as it reflects pushing past the boundaries of the typical beauty standard. There should be no limitations or rules on how we chose to express ourselves! There is no one way to be. Our actual beauty, our inner power, transcends from somewhere else entirely.⚡️ The way you portray yourself should unquestionably be down to you alone. We are so lucky there are platforms which create us this freedom. Sometimes its easier to relate to thousands of acquaintances, than it is to reveal parts of yourself to an intimate crowd.
I believe what we give back to the world has an effect on us.
How you distribute your energy daily is something to be aware of. Use your time wisely, and spend it not on absorbing hateful comments or believing that ignorance holds any truth. Let’s use it for creating, making, relationships, growth – everything you know that’s worth your time!

?Seek what sets your soul on fire!?


@illamasqua dared me to talk about #BeyondTheStereotype for their #HumanUp campaign, I dare you to do the same!”

ROOS JAMES – @realrunningwithscissors

“Now more than ever people are standing up against the gender barriers that we set up ourselves. For me, gender has always been a strange thing, even when I was 10 or 11 years old I had cropped hair and was proud to say that I was androgynous. And now at 20, I’m part of a wonderful drag community where gender really doesn’t exist. For this look, I chose a gorgeous matte purple/blue lippie called Kontrol. For me, I have always taken control of my look and my appearance, I haven’t allowed myself to be penned in. I wasn’t born Roos James, I created them. And I ask you ever so nicely, to take control of how you want to look, and do it for you! And if you’re worried about what people will think or say, just remember baby, how you look is not for them, it’s for you. Whoever you are on the inside, let it show on the inside, and slay it like I know you can! Do it, and join us! Tag your images with #BeyondTheStereotype and tag us!! Let yourself be free, do not let people control you. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

KELSY BREMMER – @evader_fx

“Make-up has always been a form of self-expression for me, a therapy.
Letting my emotions create art and create whatever I feel, and bear myself, even in my darkest days when I am searching for self-love, make-up gives me ‘Jubilance’ like nothing else could, allows me to express myself and embrace who I really am. Never be afraid to show who you are and to express who you are or what you find beautiful. Nothing defines us, we are our own beauty no matter what gender, race or sexual orientation, we are beautiful, and we are allowed to express ourselves in any way we find ourselves beautiful. @illamasqua dared me to talk about how I live. #BeyondTheStereotype for their #HumanUp campaign”

Rupinder Ashan – @makeup_by_rups

“ I M M O D E S T
When I was growing up, attitudes within the Indian community was that Indian girls shouldn’t wear a bold lip or too much makeup until she was married! Maintaining a “conservative” appearance was and still is seen as a sign of modesty amongst Indians. Thankfully, this is slowly changing and I hope the way I express myself through Makeup will inspire others to be part of this change. @illamasqua dared me to talk about how I live #BeyondTheStereotype for their #HumanUp campaign, I dare you to do the same!”

Vanessa – @itsvanbeauty

“E M P O W E R
Makeup is art and art has no limits, standards or rules – neither have you! as a part of the new @illamasqua #HumanUp campaign, I chose the ‘Empower’ palette cause I think we should always empower each other and ourselves to express our true self and don’t hide behind the social standards of beauty. makeup is for all genders, all races, all sexes, all ages! be your own kind of beautiful and don’t ever limit yourself. as a brand that always promotes a diverse beauty image, self-love and style freedom @illamasqua dared me to talk about how I live #BeyondTheStereotype, I dare you to do the same!”

To find out more about our #HumanUp campaign, click here.



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