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Behind the Scenes: Patricia

This week we want to share with some back stage images of one of our beautiful Generation Q models; Patricia! We also got the chance to interview her Son Alex, who nominated her for the Beauty before Age Campaign! Take a look!

I wanted to nominate my mum for a few reasons, one being because I was heavily influenced by her to actually get into make-up as a career. “I would watch her every day doing her make-up in the mirror in her room, always looking elegant and glamorous before she faced the day!”

“I honestly believe that the beauty industry as a whole NEEDS to change! I say what’s the problem with the age you are already are? Why isn’t this industry celebrating different types of people? Men, Women, Young, Old, Fat, Thin? And this is why I love what Illamasqua is doing, they are always pushing boundaries, you never know what they are going to do next and that’s what’s exciting about it!”

“The beautiful people who are modeling in this campaign aren’t supermodels, they are most likely the customer who has been fans of the beauty industry all their life and right now, they are pushing boundaries, they are setting a new standard for beauty, they are the face of a new message of beauty!”

“I was looking at this picture of my mum but it somehow wasn’t her, it was her alter ego! A darker and sultrier version of her with her make-up really taken to the next level! It was really interesting to see her in a way I hadn’t before and a wonderful reminder that she’s potentially going to be inspiring a whole generation of people who are fans of the brand and maybe even outside of that!”

“I’m very proud to say that my mum is representing a beauty brand that pushes boundaries in an industry where (in my opinion) they need to be pushed. I hope that my mum and all of the other beautiful alter egos from ‘Generation Q’ will help lead the way to a more accepting and diverse beauty industry in the near future.”

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert