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Beauty Spotlight: Zoe from Zoe Newlove

In this week’s Beauty Spotlight is a blogger who packs a punch. Zoe, a British-born MUA living in Mallorca, has quite a striking portfolio. She takes beauty blogging to the next level when combining her product reviews and swatches with the skill and expertise of her make-up artistry and knowledge of skincare. Here, she talks to us about her busy day-to-day life and how our Illamasqua products hold up against the hot climate oversees…

When did you move to Mallorca, and what is the beauty scene like over there compared to the UK beauty scene? I moved to Mallorca in March 2012. It has nearly been a year out here which seems totally crazy; time really does fly when you are having fun. I would have to say, in terms of the beauty scene, women over here are very glamorous, especially in Puerto Portals. Healthy living and regular Spa treatments go hand in hand out here, whereas I think the UK Beauty scene is only just catching on to the importance of healthy living. 

Do you have any top tips for adapting your make-up regime to a hotter climate? Less is most definitely more! Waterproof mascara and primers are a must if you want your make-up to stay on all day long. When you think of hotter climates, you think of sun and tanning. If you are yet to get some warmer colour to your skin fake it with a good bronzer – don’t over do it though, you want it to be natural looking. Your new collection I’mPerfection will be great to encourage those to embrace their freckles this summer.

When writing your blog, how does your make-up artistry knowledge come in? Make-up artistry plays a massive part in my blog writing as it helps me understand that not every face is the same; we are all unique. Skin tones, eye colours, eye shapes, face shapes… I have to reaffirm in my writing that what might work for one person may not necessarily work for you. Make-up should be about having fun and experimenting not sticking to rules and guidelines. I like to get this message across in my work.

Which part of beauty is your favourite (make-up, skincare etc) and why? Skincare is definitely something I am passionate about; after all, our face is a blank canvas for our inner artist to play with. If that blank canvas is not in good condition, the paints and oils are not going to sit greatly. It is vital that we look after our skin the best we can, so that when we do wear make-up, it looks fabulous. I regularly give skincare consultations – I love this as much as I do playing with my make-up kit.

If you could create any Illamasqua product, what would it be and why? I love all of your face products, I have all of your foundations from Rich, to Liquid to Skin Base in my kit, but I would love to see a Tinted Moisturiser from you guys. Maybe some lip stains too, as I love your lipstick shades.

Which 2 Illamasqua products would you recommend to a beauty blogger looking to try our range for the first time?  Well this one is a tricky question indeed, as I adore all of your products! The first things I tried were your brushes – the Angled Brush and the Foundation Brush are just amazing. So any of the make-up brushes (is that cheating?) and for my second product, I would say the Cream Blushers. I was never a cream product lover, I preferred working with powders, but your Cream Blushers converted me. So many gorgeous shades and the texture is a dream to work with. My personal favourite is Dixie, I am wearing that today actually!

To keep up with Zoe’s work and see her latest make-up endeavours, be sure to follow her on Twitter @ZoeNewlove, find her on Facebook and keep an eye on her website!

Until next time! Rose x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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