Beauty Spotlight with Victoria from ‘inthefrow’


Today we are joined by the one and only, lilac haired beauty queen that is Victoria from inthefrow! We could not WAIT to see what answers she would give to our Beauty Spotlight interview. Read on to hear how she looks after those luscious locks and how she plans her make up along with all those pretty clothes!!

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1.       We’ll kick off the questions with an easy one. What’s your number 1 Illamasqua product and why?

My favourite Illamasqua product, that’s a tough one. I love so many. If I could only have one though, I would probably go with the Sculpting Powder Duo. The contour shade is amazing for creating a grey tone contour whilst the highlighter is so bright and shimmery. I adore that kit so much. But after that would have to be the Lipstick in Corrupt. What a beauty!


2.       We love seeing your make up looks on Instagram and Facebook. How do you get inspiration for your make up?

I guess inspiration for my makeup just comes from what I’m wearing that day. I try to wear colours that aren’t going to clash with what I wear. And then it’s also dictated by occasion. So I couldn’t wear a dark smokey eye to work, but I could wear more of a bronze cut crease. Then there are they days when I’ll be flicking through tumblr and Instagram, see a makeup look that I love and then try that out next time. Inspiration is everywhere


3.       Your hair is iconic in the beauty blogging world! What do you do and use to take care of it?

Oh thankyou! I use a lot of expensive hair products in honesty. I adore hair products so I’m happy to spend a little more than I normally would. I use Moroccanoil, GHD hair protectant as well as some amazing shampoo and conditioning treatments that really add that life back into your hair.  At the moment I’m loving protein masques in between shampoo and conditioner and they really work magic.


4.       A bit of a challenge for you now! If you were to create one look with only 5 Illamasqua products, which would you choose and why?

Ohh nice question! Okay, I’d go for the Skin base Foundation in shade 5.5 to give myself a flawless base. I would then use the Skin Base Lift concealer to pat underneath my eyes and over any imperfections. Then I would use the Sculpting Powder Duo to contour, bronze and highlight my cheeks. I’d wear the Lipstick in Corrupt as it’s my perfect shade and I’d throw on some Masquara in Raven to finish off the eyes. Simple but flawless.


5.       Your style is enviable from your jewellery and bags to your dresses and bikinis. How do you decide what make up look to go for to match your outfits?

Daily, it all depends on how I’m feeling. Some days I feel much more adventurous and want to go for a bolder lip or perhaps a really smoked out bronze eye. Other days, I fancy a subtle champagne lid and a nude lip. It’s all work depending really and how many people I’m meeting that day, and how much effort I need to put in. But for big occasions, I often match my eyeshadow to the style of my outfit. So a big black ball gown, I’d probably go for a smokey eye and an ombré ruby lip. A pink playsuit, possibly a dark bronzed eye and a nude lip.

6.       A fun one to finish off! If you could create a new Illamasqua product what would it be and what would you name it?

Oh wow, this is exciting. I would make a super palette and products that could fit into this palette so it’s entirely customisable. So in there you would have your miniatures of your perfect contour shade, highlight, concealer, blush, lipstick and mini mascara. If you could fit some brushes and foundation  into there too, it would be magical. Anything that can be carried around with every product you could possibly need, at an affordable price. I’d love that!



Thank you for your time Victoria, we are feeling inspired to consider our outfits and make up a little more meticulously now! Check out Victoria’s blog here to follow her wonderful life and follow her here on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!

Thanks for reading!! Who would YOU like us to interview next??




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Govinder Rayt

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