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The Beauty Spotlight for today brings us super talented and creative ‘Gore and Glam’ makeup artist, Mykie! You may better know the Los Angelos based artist  from her Instagram @mykie_.

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Mykie constantly brings us new, exciting, unique and intricate creations that we love and admire here at Illamasqua; not only does she bring us beautiful, glamorous looks but alternatively turns her hand to theatrical, ‘gore’ and creative pieces with incredibly impressive talent. We performed an interview to find out how Mykie does it, what inspires her work and whats her favourite Illamasqua products, of course! For Mykies favourites, tips and tricks read below…

1.   We will start off with an easy one. What’s your number 1 Illamasqua product and why? 

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Hands down, it’s the Precision Ink Liquid Liner.  I’m a big fan of trying avant garde makeup looks and that often leads to using black liner all over my face in strange ways. For those detailed graphic liners, dots, and patterns, nothing is better. Of course, this could be accomplished using a fine brush and gel liner too, but what separates that from the Precision Ink liner is that Precision Ink goes on super dark; so you don’t have to worry about going over those hard-enough-to-pull-off-once kinda designs.


2. We love your theatrical designs and the techniques that you use. How do you get inspiration for your make up looks?

My inspiration comes from a ton of different places, but I’ll talk about my top two. . .

I find it easiest to look for makeup inspiration from other things in my life that I’m passionate about. So a common way for me to get inspired is to watch, listen to, or play my favorite movies, music, or videogames. Sometimes that inspiration is quite literal where I replicate a look as close to the original as I can, and sometimes it’s less obvious- like using the color palette from the cinematography of a film.

The other way I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration lately is to walk around a craft store. I go to Michael’s often and walk up and down the aisles until I find something that inspires me to build a makeup look around. It helps me think of ways to mix beauty makeup with objects not commonly used in makeup like feathers, or wire. I see the feathers and I get inspired to do soft, wispy makeup. I see the wire and I get inspired to do a sharp, intense look.


3. We are loving the hair! Can you tell us what you do to take care of your hair, skin and body?

Sometimes I’m amazed I still have hair on my head! I put my face and hair through some serious torment for the looks I post, so I definitely do need to spend the time and money on things to help them recuperate.

For my hair, I use a lot of deep conditioning products. The K-pak line from Joico has been my recent go-to, along with Redkin’s Anti-snap. In extreme moments of desperation I put conditioner all over my head, put a shower cap on, and sleep in it. I’m also trying that revolutionary new treatment, the just-stop-using-heat-on-your-hair-already thing, but that one’s tough.

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For my skin, I use a lot of moisturizer. I also love primers that make my face feel smooth and hydrated, because I find it really helps fill in all my fine lines I have at age 24, and keeps people thinking I have super radiant skin even under all my makeup. Hydra Veil is great for doing that kind of thing and I rely on it to save my skin, especially after some of the extremely drying SFX looks I do.

4. If you create one look with only 5 Illamasqua products, which key products would you choose and why?

To start, obviously Skin Base Foundation. The thing I especially love about this product is the White Skin Base Foundation because it’s perfect for abnormally pale people like me who might need to lighten their foundation a little, or to even use as a highlight! The struggle is real for fair skinned people in the highlight department, but this is perfect.

Next I would choose the 4-colour Liquid Metal Palette because I love love love the pigmentation and consistency of the cream shadows, and I’m a sucker for metallic anything.

I’m skipping straight past the mascara and onto the false lashes because I’m addicted to them and I love yours! I’m torn between the beautiful criss-cross of NO. 21 and utter over the top perfection of NO. 13. Don’t make me pick.

If it’s not dramatic, it doesn’t sound much like me. So next I would choose your lipstick in Disciple, because a dark lip with a smokey metallic eye sounds too awesome. I know matte lipsticks aren’t for everyone, but I love them because they’re super pigmented and don’t wear off throughout the day (which if you’re choosing to wear navy lipstick like I am, would be most advantageous!).


Since I’m at #5 already, I have to choose between cheeks and brows. In the interest of pretending I was going for an edgy high fashion look all along, I’m going to skip the brows (blonde brows are all the rage now anyway, right?!) and focus on cheeks for heavy contouring. I would put Disobey powder blusher in the hollows of the cheek, the temples, the forehead, the sides of the nose and along the jawline to give the face a chiseled look. I love using your nuetral powder blushes as contour because they’re so highly pigmented and it makes the contouring process fast and easy, without using a lot of product.

5. As you know Illamasqua products are known to have multiple uses. For example, our CreamPigments double up as blushers and Lipsticks. What is your favourite Illamasqua product to use for more than one part of your make-up?

I’m all about spreading out the use of my makeup kit with less products that have multiple uses, rather than a million products with one use each. It saves you money, and space, so I love that Illamasqua has several products that work for this!

My favorite product trick for something like this is to use the Skin Base Lift Brightening Concealer in W/Light to customize the lips. A great concealer for sure, but it’s also great to pastel-ize your favorite lipstick color. Put the white concealer on your lips almost as if it were a primer, and then put whatever lipstick on top and it instantly turns it into a gorgeous pastel version of the original.

I also love to use this product to create a fast ombre lip: Do your liner and lipstick as normal, and then dab a high concentration of the concealer right in the center of your top and bottom lip. Blend it out a bit and 10 seconds later you have an ombre lip!

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6. We have seen how creative you are with your looks so we wanted to know…if you could create a new Illamasqua product what would it be and why? Don’t forget to name it!

Because I’m a fan of color, drama, and sparkle, I would create a series of cosmetic grade glitters and call them ‘Masquarade. And I’m talking all kinds of glitter- from super fine to bigger flakes, solid color, and multi-tonal. Illamasqua is such a fun, pigmented and colorful line, so I think a custom glitter series would be a fitting addition!



A massive thank you to Mykie for answering our questions! Are you as in awe and inspired as we are!? If you love showing off your talent in makeup artistry, why not apply for the Distinction in Make up Awards HERE

Be sure to check out Mykies Instagram @mykie_ and Youtube Channel: Glam&Gore for more of her incredible work!

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Govinder Rayt

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