Beauty Spotlight: Tolly Dolly Posh

During a usual scour of the #bbloggers feed  on Twitter a few nights ago, I came across Tolly. She was chatty, she was funny, and it looked as though she was asking brands for help with something. Sure enough, I had an @ mention from her myself and clicked on her profile to see what she was about…

Her fashion blog was impressive. She’d been featured in the Telegraph Magazine, been interviewed for BBC Radio 4 and done a fabulous interview with Daniel Sandler in recent times. Oh, and one small thing… she was just TWELVE! I couldn’t believe that Tolly had achieved so much at such a young age and felt so inspired, so although the Beauty Spotlight is normally reserved for beauty bloggers, I had to break the mould and let this future fashion guru steal the spotlight this week.

Hope you’re as inspired by Tolly as we are!

Tolly, your blog was 1 year old the other day… congratulations! What made you want to start a blog in the first place?

Thank you. I already had a domain for my site, but I didn’t really know what to do. I decided upon a blog, as it is a fun way to give your opinion on things and build up friends. It is also a great way to show off my fashion designs, as that is my goal.

You are much younger than the average blogger. How do you think your blog fits into the community given that you are much younger than your peers?
It’s quite hard getting noticed as people might think that I don’t know much, but when I get speaking to people they look at my blog and realise that is not what they expected. I think it fits in well, and I have some good feedback about how I compare to other blogs, which has really boosted my mo-jo, and I am grateful for that.

You’ve made some brilliant comments in regard to Kids Fashion Week which even lead to you having a great interview with BBC Radio 4. Do you think that issues like this which involve younger people need a younger person at the forefront to speak out and give an opinion?
It would be good to have a younger person speak about the matter, but the industry would probably just think it was a joke. They need people who understand it thoroughly, and I guess that would mean an industry insider rather than a young teen, but I’d love to see more opinions coming out from people my age.

I’ve noticed in the beauty category of your website that you speak lots about nails in particular. At 12, where do you stand on make-up? Do you wear any or do you prefer to let your nails do the talking?
Haha, at the most I wear eyeshadow, mascara and something on my lips, but yes, I do like having some colour on my nails, as I think it pulls together an outfit, and you can choose from so many!

It looks like fashion is where your heart is and you’ve grown up with a mother who worked in fashion! What is the best fashion advice she’s given you?
It’s quite a classic statement, but, just to be yourself, and try to not stick with the flow of things. Of course if you wear the latest trends you’ll look stylish, but putting your own twist on it is the key to being unique.

What is the most exciting opportunity your blog has brought about so far?
It has probably been being featured in The Telegraph Magazine, I had some great feedback and it was an amazing experience. And very soon I will be featured in Mizz Magazine which is going to be so great, as I used to read it when I was in the UK, and so did my sister when she was my age. (Tolly now lives in France.)

You will be hosting your own blog awards later this year. What will these entail?
It will be a great way for blogs big and small to gain some exposure, and also just a fun thing. Blog awards held by big brands are quite hard for smaller blogs to mix in with, so I think it will be nice to see some new talent shining through! Also having some great brands including Illamasqua sponsoring it, will make it totally amazing, and hopefully next year bloggers will all want to get involved!

You’ve taken social media by storm! What is your favourite aspect of social media?
The best thing is spreading the word about new things you’ve found out, getting peoples opinions, and just being able to talk to people you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I’ve connected with some great people, and I hope to keep in touch.

If you could create any Illamasqua product, what would it be and why?
I like being able to just put something on, with it looking great, but doing it easily, so a cream eyeshadow would be perfect, in some nice simple shades which make it look like you’ve spent quite a long time doing it.

To keep up with Tolly you can find her @TollyDollyPosh on Twitter and read her blog www.tollydollyposhfashion.com. Something tells us that this girl is definitely one to watch!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert