Beauty Spotlight: Suzi Tse

This week on Beauty Spotlight we are joined by Suzi Tse from Style Suzi. Suzi created Nail Varnish in Perseid as part of our new #Creators Collection so to celebrate this collaboration we asked Suzi a few questions about her inspiration behind Fusion…

How would you personally wear the product you created?

I think my creation is perfect for the chilly darker winter months. I will be wearing mine with plenty of silver jewelery and dark smokey eyes.

In a dream world, who would be the #1 person you’d love to see wearing your product? 

Jessie J or Rihanna. I think they’re both quirky and flamboyant, just like my polish.

What inspired you to create this particular product?

As soon as I was give the nail polish task, I knew exactly what I wanted. A galaxy in a bottle, especially with different sized glitters because I find that rare. You usually get those as top coats instead. It had to be dark and mysterious but I didn’t want it to be boring so I opted for a flip colour effect.

Nail Varnish - Perseid

What was your favourite part in the process of creating your product?

Seeing the final product! Now I know the development process I see makeup in a different light. It was pretty awesome knowing I named the product too.

If you could pair your product with another Illamasqua product what would it be and why? 

I would pair it with ESP lipstick, they would compliment each other really well!


Make sure you check out Suzi’s amazing blog Style Suzi! You can also keep up with Suzi on Twitter and Instagram. To have a closer look at Yinka’s Nail Varnish in Perseid take a look here: http://www.illamasqua.com/perseid-nail-varnish

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