Beauty Spotlight: Sanna Nosheen from Lookamillion

This week in the Beauty Spotlight is Sanna from Lookamillion. We discovered Sanna from the amazing make-up looks that she used to post on our Facebook wall and we have been keeping up with her ever since.

Tell us a bit about Lookamillion…
Lookamillion is my alter-ego, its my make-up madness side. It allows me to showcase all the make-up ideas I have and show them to the world. Its my confident and expressive self, I use my face as a blank canvas and sketch all my ideas on to it! Make-up gives people confidence and I love that!

I am astounded to know that you have taught yourself make-up! How did you do this? Were there any people/sources that gave you guidance?
I have always been such a makeup fanatic since I was probably about 4 years old. As I grew older my self-esteem became very low – I hated how I looked. Make-up used to give me confidence and I would find myself experimenting constantly with it. My auntie has always been my makeup inspiration. She wasn’t always around so YouTube and Google became my make-up guide. I loved watching beauty gurus and how they transformed themselves and I would try and replicate their looks.

We loved the birthday cake that you got for your mom with the Illamasqua logo on it! How does your relationship with Illamasqua differ to hers – do you share products or each have your own favourites?
I love my Mum to bits, we have a sisterly relationship. I introduced her to Illamasqua and we both have products by the brand that are staples in our kit. We don’t really share as I have so much make-up it would take my Mum a while to find what she needs! We are massive fans of the Rich Liquid Foundation.

We found you because you always shared Facebook images on our wall that blew us away. How do you think Social Media has helped you to build an awareness for yourself?
Social media has allowed me to show people my work and the response has been brilliant! It started with fans on Instagram that led me to developing my Facebook page and blog. I hope to start YouTube and show my fans how to create my looks.

You create the most intricate smoky eye looks. What top tips would you offer to our readers who would like to do the same?
Smoky eyes are something so simple yet so powerful. My top tip has to be blend, blend, blend! I love the Blending Brush 1 for this. It allows for precise and also overall blending. Working the brush in circular buffing motions where blending is needed is key for a flawless eye makeup look. Another tip to spice up a smoky eye is to pop a bright, light, metallic or shimmering eyeshadow in the tear duct, my favourites are Powder Blush in Intrigue, Liquid Metal in Electrum for that metallic flash and Pure Pigment in Furore used with a damp brush to give optimum shimmering effects.

How do you decide which colours work well together?
I experiment with my looks and I can see what goes well together and what works not so well. I also look at pictures and other people for makeup inspiration as everyone has different ideas and I love learning from others. Make-up skills are endless; you can never know everything which makes it even more exciting.

Which part of beauty is your favourite? For example hair, make-up, skincare etc…
It has to be make-up! This is the most fun part – using different colours, textures and techniques to transform yourself. I love that the slightest change in your makeup can change how you look – it keeps life interesting!

If you could create any Ilamasqua product, what would it be and why?
This one is tricky as I love all Illamasqua products and find them so multi-purpose, but if I could introduce something new it would probably be make-up palettes. I would love to see mixing palettes, empty palettes with refills available. It would save so much space in my kit as I could have lots of Illamasqua products of my choice in one palette…

Be sure to keep up with Sanna’s latest ventures on Lookamillion and let us know if you replicate any of her looks!

Until next time, RG x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert