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Q1. The Holiday party season is here – yay! What is going to be your signature look for it this year and which Illamasqua products would work with this?

Yay I’m so excited! My signature look is going to be a lot of dark colors and purple. I love a monochromatic purple look, as I feel it plays off my hair well and not to mention its my favorite color! Kontrol lipstick is going to be my best friend this year.


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Q2. If you could create a new Illamasqua product what would it be and why? Don’t forget to name it!

If I could create a new Illamasqua product I would create a purple blush. I have yet to find a purple blush that doesn’t come off too pink on the skin. I would call it Dreamer!


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Q3. Make-up aside, what do you do to take care of hair, skin and body that keeps you looking SO flawless?

Woah thank you! Well I just recently started taking all aspects of beauty seriously so I have figured out my skin type and tackled that with a proper skincare regime and have fallen in love with skincare in the process. Anything involving my hair can be quite a tedious process but it’s worth the wait. I try to redo my hair color at least once a month, and use a hair mask every other time I wash.

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For my body, I’m finally learning that you are what you eat. I’ve come across a life changing gym that’s helped me stay accountable for my health. I now realize sometimes all it takes is one inspiration to help you want to change your life, whether that be health, fitness, beauty, or whatever it may be.


Q4. We know that with make up, practice makes perfect so can you tell us about a time when you got it really wrong and how you learnt from it?

I remember when I started my first cosmetic job, I wanted to run out and help every customer I could, but realistically I did not have the proper knowledge to do so. I went out trying to color correct dark circles, do amazing winged liner, and highlight to the gods, but instead I had everyone looking not so hot. I needed to take the time and decide how I would learn from my mistakes and really grow as an artist. So I decided to start watching everyone around me and took immense inspiration from my coworkers at the time @sleepologist and @juscallmetara, they really helped me and gave me the tools for proper growth. Thats when I knew I had to be fully willing to absorb all types of critique, advice, and knowledge and trust that it was vital for my growth.

(Nat with @sleepologist)

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Q5. What is your number 1 beauty tip?

Skincare first! All the time I see people trying to fix skin concerns with makeup and its better to try to fix the problem than to cover it. Whether that be acne, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or discoloration of any sort. Fixing it with skincare will help you become more comfortable with yourself without makeup on, and even more confident when you chose to apply makeup.

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Q6. We love your pictures, how do you decide on what look to go for next for your Instagram and what inspires you?

Thank you, well I have a deep love for colorful makeup. I truly believe it can brighten anyones day. Although I typically am not sure what look I am going to go for next, most of the time its based off one eyeshadow that I am wanting to use and I will go from there. I love being inspired by other peoples looks, as an artist I love being able to fully appreciate the time that one person took out of their day to do their makeup and show it off to the world.


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Q7. Can you tell us how you got into make up posts for Instagram and have you got any advice to someone starting out?

Makeup is not something that I initially took serious, but when I decided to put forth the effort and was receiving feedback on my work and countless questions, I realized I could potentially be helping people every single day. So I post makeup on Instagram in order to connect with people, answer questions and advice, and lastly in hopes of inspiring people.

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For someone starting out, I say consistency is key and find something that makes your work different. There are plenty of beautiful people out there who can do their makeup well but I would rather look at more visually stimulating work, in regards to variations of very clean precise work or also avant garde where it gets me thinking, what was the inspiration behind this? In the end, if you find what you love to do, there will be no reason or excuse as to why you aren’t constantly thriving to be the best you can be.

Q8. Thank you for your time today Natalie, we hope you have enjoyed answering our questions but before you go can you tell us any funny Christmas tales? 


Yes thank you so much! Well leading up to Christmas every year for the past 3 years I have taken much pleasure out of dressing up my dog from head to toe in Christmas outfits. That actually goes to say with Easter and Halloween too, but I think he might hate it. I dress him up and take photos of him and after 10 minutes he gives up on me and falls asleep like he’s trying to escape the torture. Bentley is his name, and I would like to mention that he’s extremely photogenic and I have proof. Although in the second picture its obvious he was starting to give up(: Happy Holidays Illamasqua and everyone reading this!

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Merry Christmas from us all and let us know who you would like to see here next!

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