Beauty Spotlight: Nancy Buckland

This week in the Beauty Spotlight we have Liverpool’s leading lady, Nancy Buckland.

Nancy is the lady you need to know about when it comes to beauty. The reigning Queen of Beauty in the north, she takes high fashion trends and translates them into wearable, glamorous concepts for her readers. Her career began with modelling (she was the first University graduate to ever reach the finals of Miss United Kingdom) and soon evolved into an esteemed calibre of journalism that would be recognised by titles like The Guardian.

Currently the Senior Style Features Writer at ACE Magazine, I spoke to Nancy about her varied and ever evolving career within beauty.

Nancy now!

What was your first ever job in beauty? I was scouted by a photographer at 14. Please don’t think this was a glamorous story – I was sitting at a bus stop eating chips! I was a bit wary, but the guy gave me his card, and my first job was as a hair model for Andrew Collinge. I appeared in ‘Hairdresser’s Journal’ at 14 so I was proud of that – but not as proud as my mum! I have now been working in the industry in some capacity – modelling, writing and social media – for thirty years.

Nancy at 16

Nancy at 16

Liverpool has a culture of its own when it comes to beauty. How would you describe the relationship that the city has with beauty? Now, the girls and women of Liverpool are cosmetic fanatics. They love to experiment, they are not scared of colour, and they see make-up as fun. The whole process of getting ready for a night out is as much about the beauty, hair and outfits as it is about the party. And women of all ages join in the fun. My mum, Doreen, sadly passed away last year at 73 and the nurses were amazed when they packed up her make-up – full of serious beauty brands! We do get heavily criticised for this fanatical approach to beauty, but criticism rolls off Liverpool girls. They just pull their shoulders back, put their KG’s on (Kurt Geiger heels to the rest of us) and get on with it!

Nancy's mother Doreen

Nancy’s mother Doreen

Tell us about the time you met Aerin Lauder… I am nuts about Aerin. I love her understated style and that Park Avenue perfection she radiates. She has taken her brand global and is an admirable and ethical woman. I adore her. Several (ahem!) years ago I was in the original Versace store at the bottom of Bond Street and spotted her, and kind of just wandered about to see what she picked up. She ended up asking me where my trousers were from, and I explained that they were Alberta Ferretti from Cricket Boutique in Liverpool. Giving out Scouse style advice to one of the world’s most stylish women was a proud moment!

Nancy at 21

Nancy at 21

What has been your favourite Illamasqua release of 2013 and why? I am a huge fan of the whole range, but I have to say Hydra Veil is now on my list of wonder products. I really try to look after my skin and I am not a huge fan of heavy foundations, so I apply this beforehand and it manages to be super-moisturising and the perfect prep for your foundation or tinted moisturiser. Hydra Veil is just the best beauty boost in a jar on the market.

What are the best 3 beauty tips that you can share with us? The best thing you can do to protect your skin and beauty for now and the future is to wear sunscreen – if you want a golden glow, fake it. That is what Blusher Duo is for! My second tip is to go to a professional every few seasons, take your favourite products with you, and try out some new ideas. My final beauty tip is to enjoy beauty and use your products to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

If I was to visit Liverpool, which beauty destinations would you recommend I visit? Obviously, your first stop is going to be Illamasqua at Met Quarter. Met Quarter is an amazing location as it is luxurious and approachable. My second place would be to Peaches and Cream on Dale Street. Everyone in Liverpool loves getting ‘Peached’ and Kate and all the team are super-creative and welcoming. My final port of call would be Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols in Liverpool ONE. I love the Beauty Mart section for all my little beauty bits and pieces and the WOW! Bar for a cheeky glass of champagne.

Thank you Nancy for sharing all of your beauty tips with us.

Be sure to keep up with Nancy on Twitter @Nancybbbbbbbbbb (that’s 10 x b!) and follow her blog over at www.guccipuccifiorucci.wordpress.com.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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