Beauty Spotlight: Milly Tomalin

This week in the Beauty Spotlight is Milly Tomlain from Pearls and Poodles. Milly created Sheer Lipgloss in Culminate as part of our new #Creators Collection so to celebrate this collaboration we asked Milly a few questions about her inspiration behind Culminate…

How would you personally wear the product you created? I love the flexibility of my product and the fact you can wear it alone or layer it over another lipstick to completely transform the colour and dimension of the finish. I personally like to lightly blot my lips with a pale, nude lipstick and then slick my lipgloss over the top so the iridescent flecks and warm copper tones really stand out against the cooler base.

In a dream world, who would be the #1 person you’d love to see wearing your product? I have a bit of a beauty/style crush on Mollie King from the Saturdays so it would be pretty sweet to see her wearing my gloss but honestly it would be make me so happy to just see my friends and fellow bloggers using and loving my creation – I value their opinions and it would just be the biggest testament to my product to see them wearing it.

What inspired you to create this particular product?  I was inspired by the premise of dark stars and far off galaxies, I wanted to create a futuristic, multi-dimensional lipgloss that embodied a copper metallic base studded with iridescent flecks. I was inspired by the raw beauty of copper metal and loved how the colour could warm and tarnish the lips, either alone or layered over another lip colour. The subtle yet light-catching sparkles within the gloss represent the stars in space and give the finished product a unique and captivating feel.


What was your favourite part in the process of creating your product? Aside from being pampered and preened at the photo shoot, my favourite part of the developmental process was the initial stage of conception – finding a base colour that inspired me and then playing about with the different loose pigments in the Illamasqua store, spilling and mixing them over my copper paper to create a whole new shade. Static pure pigment, with its high-shine duo-chrome finish, was very influential in the creation of my new product.

If you could pair your product with another Illamasqua product what would it be and why? I think based on the fact that Static pure pigment featured in the initial development of my lipgloss and is such a show-stopping, versatile product, I would pair Culminate with Static – so you could continue the theme of iridescent, space age shimmer throughout your whole makeup look.

Make sure you check out Milly’s amazing blog Pearls and Poodles! You can also keep up with Milly on Twitter and Instagram. To take a closer look at Milly’s Sheer Lipgloss in Culminate take a look here:   http://www.illamasqua.com/sheer-lipgloss-culminate

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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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