Beauty Spotlight: Featuring Marc from The Prince of Vanity

We are back with the first Beauty Spotlight post of 2014 and in the spotlight today is the very talented Marc from The Prince of Vanity. You may know Marc for his involvement with the Daily Mix competition on Youtube, or for his love of colourful make-up looks on Instagram. Nicola was delighted to have met Marc at the Daily Mix Halloween Ball! We are a huge fan of Marc at Illamasqua HQ and love all the make-up looks he creates. We wanted to find out exactly which Illamasqua products Marc loves, so I will hand over to Marc..

marc 4

1. Whats your number 1 Illamasqua product and why?

My number 1 Illamasqua product to use is the Fundamental Palette. This is not only due to it’s variety of textures and finishes consisting of a Liquid Metal, Cream Pigment and Powder Eyeshadows, but also the endless amount of looks you could create with the richly pigmented palette. I love using the Pewter Liquid Metal for a sultry and smokey look and using the shades in Mint Green, Hype, and Inception for an artistic and avant garde makeup.
Below is an amazing look Marc created with the Fundamental Palette.
marc 3
2. If you could create a look with purely Illamasqua products what would you choose?

If I was to create a look using purely Illamaqua products, I would use the Hydra Veil as a primer to create a smooth canvas for the Skin Base foundation to go over the top, creating a flawless look and finish on the skin. For long lasting wear, the base would be set with Illamasqua Loose Powder in shade 010. For the eyebrows I love fullness and definition, and the products perfect for this are Brow Cake in Thunder and the best brow gel in the market, the Illamasqua Brow And Lash Gel.

With the Paranormal Palette, I would create a strikingly bright and cute makeup using Paranormal and Aura eyeshadow on the lids, and the soft violet shade in Trance would be applied into the crease very precisely creating a cut crease look. The same purple shade along with the vivid pink, Paranormal shadow would be applied on the lower lashline, and topped off with the Pure Pigment in Beguile in the inner tear ducts to replicate a sparkling watery eyed look.
I’m a big advocate for big winged liner and lashes so the products that would be perfect for this look are the Precision Gel Liner, Masquara, and the whispy and spiky False Eyelashes in #21.
And lastly for the lips, I would apply Immodest Lipstick all over due to the shade not being too overpowering but still complementing the colourful eye makeup.
3. Make-up aside what do you do to take care of your hair, skin and body?
To take care of my skin and body, I like to drink a lot of water during the day to give exra hydration. I also walk a lot to keep myself fit, to get to university, and also whilst I’m shopping!
4. If you could create a new Illamasqua product what would it be and why?

If I had the fantastic chance to create a brand new product for Illamasqua I would create a liquid potion that can be used on mainly on the eyes, but also on the lips and cheeks! It’s texture would be very liquidy and the finish is very sparkly! Once the magic potion is applied on top of any eyeshadow or lipstick it would transform the finish serving as a metallic and sparkly topcoat for the makeup. The product would have two main components, the Pure Pigment and the Sealing Gel mixed up all together in a glass pipette bottle as if you got it from a medieval potions shop.

marc 2
Above is a look by Marc using the Neutral Palette
5. If you could pick 3 Illamasqua products to use over and over again what would they be?

My top 5 products from Illamasqua that I use over and over again are Hydra Veil as it’s a very unique primer that makes any foundation that goes over the top apply seemlessly and so much more smoothly than without it. It makes any foundation last so much longer without dehydrating the skin beneath. The Brow And Lash Gel has been a long time favourite of mine as once applied on either the brows or lashes it can withstand almost any situation whether I’m just going shopping for clothes and makeup or dancing in the club. The third product that I love is the Rich Liquid Foundation, I use the shade in 200. This is not only a great foundation but also serves as a fab concealer, it’s ultimate high coverage can cover anything like blemishes, redness, under eye circles, making one of my top Illamasqua products.


6. Illamasqua products are known to have multiple uses, what is your favourite Illamasqua product to use for more than one part of your make-up? 

As a multi purpose product I love the Cream Pigment in Hollow because even though I’ve got a medium tan skin tone I can still contour with this product. When I first used the product I was so shocked with the results as it looked quite pale compared to my skin tone, however once applied on to the skin it gave my jawline, temples, nose, and cheekbones the most natural contour replicating the look of shadow on the shaded areas. I also like to use this on the lips for a nude look and around the eyes creating that no makeup look.

photo 1
We hope you have enjoyed reading Marc’s answers as much as we did. Be sure to check out Marc on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for great make-up tutorials and images! A huge thank you to Marc for answering our questions!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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