Beauty Spotlight: Andrew James MUA

This week in the beauty spotlight we have Andrew James. Andii is someone we’ve built a relationship with through Twitter as he is always the first to offer helpful tips and recommendations during a Sunday night #BBloggers discussion. In our exclusive interview, he talks drag queens, the Glasgow beauty scene and life as a YouTube blogger…

Tell us a bit about why you started video blogging. I started blogging/vlogging because I really just wanted to share what I knew. I knew a lot of people had questions about things and others didn’t really answer them so – as a professional – I started to help people out and from there my addiction to make-up started on a bigger scale, ha ha.

What are your top tips for great communication with a client? Laughter. Being able to have a laugh and a joke with your client is a great way to build a rapport with them and to also make them feel comfortable with you. I just think you should relax and not stress; if you stress, your client will feel stressed.

Some of your drag transformations are amazing. What’s your number one tip for a successful transformation? Forget everything you know about make-up and do everything a lot bolder and more out there… and use a lot of powder, ha ha.

If you could invent a product for Illamasqua, what would it be and why? I would love to work with David on designing the perfect gel liner. I often find that gel liners either aren’t pigmented enough, they don’t stay on that long or the formula isn’t right.

What is the beauty scene like in Glasgow?  I think its great really. From the make-up artist side you have some really amazing shops to buy make-up from, but also the talent that’s in Glasgow is amazing – I’ve worked with some pretty amazing people. Then there is the nightlife; the drag queens! Some of them are just fantastic, I absolutely love Lady Munter she is a real gem for Glasgow!

You are so supportive of Illamasqua and definitely have your favourite brands which is lovely to see. Do you tend to try new brands or stick to what you know?   I’m all for trying new things and I think that’s what keeps everything exciting; you shouldn’t limit yourself to one brand. Yes you can have a favourite but I think there should be variety. Every brand does things differently and they have the one thing they are best at: at NARS it’s the blush, at Chanel it’s the red lipstick and MAC do great eyeshadows.

What beauty destinations in Glasgow would you recommend?  Menergy – it’s a drag night that happens every month with different guests. So far there have been tons of amazing people including Sharon Needles who won the 4th season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Do you have any advice for a budding drag queen? Just go for it! It’s great fun. Keep practicing your look and confidence is everything. You can look amazing but you need to believe in yourself for it to really work!

Want to hear more from Andrew? Be sure to follow him on Twitter @AndrewJamesMUA say hello – I’m sure he’d be happy to help with any beauty questions you may have!


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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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