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Alexandra Godwin 

We caught up with make-up artist Alexandra Godwin to bring you another beauty spotlight! Have a read to learn more about Alexandra’s work and what inspires her…

1. What is your favourite Illamasqua product?

The item which I find to be the most consistently depleted within my makeup kit, which is my daily go-to product would be most likely be the Rich Liquid Foundation range. I team these incredible tinctures with Skin Base for perfect flawless coverage. Rich Liquid is inarguably potent, even when applying the most miniscule amounts to problem areas. I’ve used Rich Liquid for years, and it is unrivalled for concealing stubborn imperfections on the skin such as dark circles, tattoos or blemishes, not to mention its striking staying power and contouring abilities.

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2. If you could create a look with purely Illamasqua products what would you choose?

My mind ran in all sorts of directions there, but settled on a day look for myself to keep it relatively simple and legible.  I prep my skin with with the original Hydra Veil, using a now discontinued yellow pencil to colour correct my dark circles. On top of that I put the Cream Pigment in Emerge, covered with Rich Liquid.  I use the same Rich Liquid colour to highlight my face, and mix my 4.5 shade of Skin Base with the white version to match my skin tone and sculpt my contour, perhaps adding a touch of Skin Base Au on the cheeks or temples for golden warmth.  Set this with the compact Translucent Powder, and use the loose pigment in Furore to highlight above the cupids bow of my lip, bridge of the nose and inner corners of the eyes. Lover is my favourite blusher which I apply to the temples to lift the gaze and make my cheekbones appear higher.  I have peacock green hair, so Intense eyeshadow is the perfect shade to match my brows up to it, sometimes with Sealing Gel mixed in for a more defined look.  Maneater lipstick with Diablo in the corners for a Hollywood Ombre lip, setting with a tiny dab of translucent powder or eyeshadow in Daemon.  Next – Gel Liner for cats eye flicks, a dash of Masquara, and little white Precision Ink in Scribe as a highlight on the underside of the flicks.  A quick yet vampy pinup look, done!

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3. What would you say is your signature/go to look?

Most probably a strong, colourful, ombre brow and/or lip, usually playing with the alchemy of sealing gel mixed with pure pigments or eyeshadows.  I found the Swarovski limited edition Sacred Stones completely enchanting too, and use the Illamasqua lash glue to adhere them in the middle of the bottom lash line just underneath the lashes. They glint in the light at certain angles and are guaranteed to make people do a double take.

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4. Make up aside, how do you take care of your skin, hair and body?

Makeup Remover: Both experimenting with and removing creative makeup can be abrasive to your skin, so I try to be respectful towards it throughout this process.  The most efficient and inoffensive makeup remover is Micellar Water. Hands down. This smells like and behaves like water, but removes stubborn makeup traces.

Face Wash: Foaming Facial Wash or a Mousse Cleanser.

Face Moisturiser: I moisturise with an intense cream at night time or a serum. For day time, a moisturiser.

Body: I often get tattoos, so need restorative moisturisers.

Hair: My hair is a rich, turquoise so I use restorative and sulphite free, colour protecting products which save depleted, coloured hair. Finish with a product for intense shine. I like my hair to look like a sleek wig!


5. If you could create a new product for Illamasqua what would it be? Don’t forget to name it.

Two duos spring to mind:

Duo 1- 2 Precision Ink liners:– “Yves” I would love a reference to the artist Yves Klein, who uses a lot of cobalt blue in his work- that rich, electric blue and “Molten” his other signature colour of a molten gold leaf Precision Ink, like the gold liquid metal but in literal liquid form.

Duo 2- A Lipstick: “Dorothy” A highly sparkly, ruby-red lipstick inspired by Dorothy Gale’s iconic ruby slippers and a Pure Pigment: “Toto” a minky-mauve/grey, shimmer pure pigment to accompany this would be delightful.  Naturally you would have to name it Toto after her little dog friend, and the colour of his fur.


6. You create some fantastic looks! Where do you find your inspiration?

This is a very difficult question to articulate, as the creative mind fires off in all sorts of directions at once so it is often near impossible to cite one specific influence, it is more likely an amalgamation of ideas merged together.  I love colour and vibrancy, texture, the sky, light, nature.  Quite often I am drawn towards jewels, minerals, the sea, the sky, photography of deep space phenomena such as nebulae, or toying about with products in an alchemic fashion.  Sometimes the best creative looks happen when you have spent a long time creating something, only to start discombobulating it in a different room with opposing lighting conditions, and you catch a trick of the light from the sun or from a salt lamp/fairy lights/UV lamp which looks fantastic, peculiar and far more creatively unusual than the piece you just spent hours working on and photographing.  That kind of accidental and impermanent jackpot is very exciting!

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7. Do you have any top make-up tips that you’d like to share with us?

Makeup is a very personal expression of your personality. Don’t listen to anybody who tries to dictate to you how you should represent yourself. If you want to wear glitter in your hair line, or bright green lipstick with pink eye shadow, then own it. Have fun and express yourself.  You won’t remember the grey days when you’re old and looking back on your life, you’ll remember the ones where you wore what you wanted to and felt powerful, or tried something new and laughed at yourself when you got it really, really, really wrong. Embrace failure and be happy in your self expression, whilst respecting that your definition of this can be entirely different to the person standing next to you.

1. Makeup Fixer sprays are excellent for giving your makeup that extra staying power and durability on hectic days or party nights.  

2. Blotting lipstick by holding a tissue up to your pout, then pat a fine, translucent powder through it with a powder brush.  This sets you up for a far more resilient day’s wear of your lipstick.

3. If attending a wedding/funeral where you know you will have a little or even a mega cry, try wearing naturalistic false lashes instead of mascara to avoid smearing. Just add a miniscule touch to make your own lashes indistinguishable next to the strip lashes.

4. To avoid mascara smudges on the lower lash line, be sure to apply translucent powder over the under eye area. If you’re using a particularly wet mascara, hold a bit of kitchen roll under the lower lash line whilst you apply and until it is dry.

5. Red lipsticks which have a blue undertone make your teeth look whiter.


Thank you to Alexandra for taking part in this post, follow her here!

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