Beauty School Drop In “Screen Sirens” review

Beauty blogger and make-up artist Andi James “dropped in” to Sunday’s Screen Sirens Beauty School Drop-In at the Glasgow counter last weekend. Here’s what he got up to…

I had the pleasure of going along to the Beauty School Drop In on Sunday 7th of July, where the Illamasqua counter staff were making up their fabulous model with very Illamasqua-esque 20’s and 30’s looks.

Liner Image

Lauren started with her 1930’s Dita Von Teese type of look. She took the Sophie Medium Pencil and used the skin sketching technique to draw a shape into the socket to create some definition, then blended it out using Queen Of The Night to soften the Sophie pencil and to start to build on the definition. A small line of Precision Gel Liner in Infinity was taken along the lash line and stopped at the end of the lashes making sure not to wing it out. She took False Lashes in 17 which were quite spikey but still quite natural.

The eyebrows were something I really like as Lauren took Concealer in CC210 over the brows to block the colour out slighty and started to draw on a very circular eyebrow shape which was really popular in the 30’s it was also over extended at the ends.

The cheeks were quite bright, she used Cream Blusher in Ravish as this was a perfect colour because the 30’s trends were quite bold cheeks slowly changing away from the matte textures and more nude colours.

30's Lips

The lips had to be my favourite part of the make-up simply because they were really sharp and out there but didn’t at all look out of place. Lauren used Lipstick in Howl to create the lip colour.

I was fascinated watching this look, as I’ve always loved the make-up trends of the 1930’s I also met two women who were at the Beauty School Drop in who happened to be Belly Dancers who were sitting in to pick up some tips for perfromances. They talked about how much they liked Illamasqua because it was good for performance make-up.

Final Look


Final look with Lauren

30's products

The second look of the day was a 20’s look using Infinity Precision Gel Liner as a base for the colours in the Paranormal Palette the colour she mostly used was Possession (cool green) which looked amazing layered on top of Infinity. Then Sophie Medium pencil was used in the water liner and Infinity was taken under the eye as well. During this class Lori from Glasgow Beauty Blogger came along to watch as well which was great as I know Lori from other beauty events.

Lori from Glasgow Beauty Blog

The Illamasqua artist took Precision Ink in Abyss and started to draw on quite thin brows which were all the rage in the 20’s.

For the cheeks since the 20’s weren’t big on cheeks, she applied Disobey to the apples of the cheeks to create some colour but nothing much. Lips were quite bright. First she took the colour out of the lips using concealer in CC210 and powdered with Loose Powder 010, then used Ascend Medium Pencil to sketch out the lip shape then filled in with ESP Lipstick from the new Paranormal Collection and Boost Lipgloss to give a sheen.

Abyss Brows

20's Lips

I loved the depth that this look had the eyes were something I would totally do just because I really like that kind of style. If you haven’t been along to a Beauty School Drop in I suggest you stop by and have a look. I had a great time sitting and listening to what was being done and I learnt quite a bit myself. I think everyone can learn even if you’re a make-up artist like me.

Andrew and Lori

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