Beauty by Rose: Cheeky Girl

This morning was a strange one for me. A girl normally so excited to play and experiment with my make-up, I felt like having a bit of a down-day. With this in mind, I decided that today would be all about the base… or, more specifically, all about the cheeks.

With a rounded face like mine, cheeks are a huge statement to my look. Not only can clever contouring create angles that – quite frankly – don’t exist, but my rounded cheeks display a blusher colour more prominently than many might.

Here are my tips to the perfect blusher…

  1. Kate Donnelly, co-founder of Peaches and Cream salon in Liverpool, told me that the first blusher question should involve your outfit. Are you wearing more orange or pink tones? Decide which is most suited to your outfit and run with it.
    What you should try if your outfit is more…
    Orange: a peachy blusher like Excite
    Pink: a rosy blusher like Hussy
  2. Once you’ve applied your blusher, you are only half way there. Choose whether you’d like to go for a cream highlighter (Gleam in Aurora) or a powder highlighter (Pure Pigment in Furore) and apply a dusting to the cheekbone and the brow bone. This will give you that fresh and glowing look.
  3. Match the tone of your lip to the colour you’ve chosen for your cheeks.

Et voila! A quick guide to a cheeky little face.

Until next week! Rose x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert