Beauty by Rose: An interview with Chaos Make-Up Artist

Beauty by Rose is going to take something of a different turn this week. I found a girl with a story too inspiring not to share and so here it is – the story of Megan Martinez, also known as Chaos Make-up Artist.

Her childhood was troubled (she suffered abuse and later was kicked out for her shaved head and ‘chaotic’, bright make-up) and as a result she battled depression. One day, someone asked her to do their make-up and she discovered make-up artistry as an outlet for all of her pain. When speaking of this time, she says, “I discovered colour as if I had been living in a black and white world”.

Starting with minimal supplies – “I came across some cheap loose pigments and did tricks like mixing water with them to make eye liner” – she went on to become a celebrity make-up artist, being sponsored by brands to use their products. Here, she gives us an insight into Chaos Make-up Artist.

Which sources do you use for inspiration for shoots? Mostly random things and sunsets! I love me some sunsets, anytime I see one I take a photo and recreate it. However, I have a rule. I do not look at photos for inspiration or other people’s work; I don’t like to have any images burnt in my head before a shoot or make-up appointment. I prefer to improvise 100%… this is how I like to create; aiming to create something never seen before.

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring make-up artists? I always tell fellow artists to have great outlooks and to never give up. Most people want to get to the top but don’t want to do the waiting or what it takes to get there… sorry guys, it’s no movie. These things take lots of time and unless you are driven enough to stick it out, you’ll never make it. It takes passion but it also takes a great attitude to get somewhere. It’s very important to keep a strong, positive mind set as well a great personality.

How did you make the transition into make-up artistry for celebrities? Well, to be honest I did absolutely nothing. One day I received a call on my personal cell from my very first big client and ever since that is how I was hired. To this day I am not sure how I got so blessed but I thank God everyday for such opportunities. Celebrities are delicate and like to be treated like a normal client. It really wouldn’t matter anyway because I treat all of my clients like celebrities!

Your portfolio ranges from Bridal make-up to Beauty and Editorial. Which is your favourite, and why? I love them all for specific reasons but I would have to say beauty is by far my favourite. When it comes to beauty, I can create however I please. I have 100% full artistic freedom with beauty, so I’m sure you can understand why it would be my favourite.

What’s your top tip for the girl at home trying to look fresh and ready to go in 10 minutes? Keep it simple and limit your products. I would start with a clean, primed face. Apply a light shadow or concealer on areas where the skin is uneven, working up to cheeks and eyes. Throwing on a little rouge takes all of 2 seconds and eyes can be done with a little smudged pencil and some mascara. Finish with some translucent powder, lashes if preferred, et voila!

I hope that this story may have helped you to see that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. To see more from Chaos Make-Up Artist, view her website here and be sure to become a fan of hers on Facebook.

In the words of Megan, “through chaos comes beauty”.

Until next time! Rose x

*All images taken from www.chaosmakeupartist.com.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert