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The Beauty of Maturity

The great thing about beauty is that it cannot be defined. Frankly, there are no rules, no restrictions and certainly no boundaries. Yet the industry has in the past faced limitations in what/who to campaign for the escalating demand in skincare and cosmetics. Some could say that past decades have been quite stereotypical in the choice of role models to front beauty campaigns. Youthfulness was a key aspect that brands considered as it was seen as the driving force behind the success of products. But did we really only aspire to this? And what message does this send?

Beauty is unique but not rare. We all acquired it from birth no matter our age, gender or size. The most refreshing thing to see in a industry dominated by image is the use of role models from all walks of life. That’s what makes it real. Take our Generation Q campaign from 2012 which broke away from the unspoken prejudice of age. The collection celebrates a beauty that is ageless and without restrictions. It was our way of breaking taboo and showcasing to the world that beauty can be whatever you want it to be, no matter who you are. This kind of message enforces empowerment and it reaches out to absolutely everyone. No one is forgotten or excluded. It’s incredibly uplifting and what’s been great to see across the industry is the adoption of a similar motive.

The last year has seen a huge shift in the branding of beauty and it has been shaped into a sector that shows appeal for people of all ages. Many beauty campaigns have recently emerged which are fronted by mature men and women, or even a group of role models from different generations. We are seeing beauty from all aspects and that it is not something that expires once you reach a certain age but in fact, can be something that evolves and grows with you.

Beauty isn’t the only sector to follow this path. Many fashion brands have embraced ageless campaigns too. Saint Laurent’s spring 2015 campaign includes singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, Céline chose famous novelist Joan Didion and Louis Vuitton’s S/S’14 was fronted by Catherine Deneuve.

This change in public image is a huge progression and it is something that will hopefully continue to grow with more inspiring ambassadors stepping up to showcase the true face of beauty. Who’s right is it to dictate an age to wear a blue lipstick, dye hair red or shape a bold brow anyway? The fair answer is no one. The only person who can command what you wear is you and that is the true message of beauty that should be delivered. It really is a part of life that has no boundaries.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert