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Being on the receiving end of Illamasqua’s social media channels means that I get to hear all of your feedback first hand. It’s really useful for me because I notice patterns in the questions that you ask and so today I thought I’d tackle some of your beauty FAQ’s.

Here are some of your most popular tweets – I hope they’re helpful.


@Stubbsyy: Which foundation and primer would you recommend for oily/blemished skin?
Hi Melissa. I’d suggest starting with our Hydra Veil, it’s a water based cosmetic care item designed to give the skin an instant surge of hydration without being oily. Then, I’d finish with our Skin Base foundation and set the t-zone with a powder of choice.

@TamaraCoates: How can I give my make-up staying power/stop it separating on long shifts at work?
Hi Tamara. I would suggest adding Hydra Veil into your make-up regime under your foundation as it gives the skin an optimum base for using make-up. If you prefer powders, setting with our translucent Loose Powder in 010 is a sure fire way to no-budge make-up.

@HilaryFlint: How can I make sure that my eye shadow lasts all day without creasing?
Hi Hilary. We don’t offer a primer per say, but our Cream Pigments work really well to prime the lids. I like to use Hollow – a grey brown – all over the lid. It helps to secure eyeshadow in place and also works well as a natural contour colour to add depth and definition to the eyes.

@ElkMakeup: Would you recommend putting Hydra Veil on oily skin?
Hello there. Yes I would! It’s water based so it will give your skin the hydration that it needs without overloading it with oil. Feel free to try it next time you’re on counter.

@BoyWithMakeup: How do you create a perfected yet natural looking face make-up on a male model?
Hello Brandon. For me, the key to this will be using our Cream Pigment in Hollow. It’s a grey brown pigment, perfect for contouring and accentuating natural hollows of the face like the bridge of the nose or the sockets of the eyes. Also you’ll find that a very light layer of our Skin Base foundation will look fresh and dewy if you want slightly more coverage all over the face.

@JessicaOli94: What’s the best foundation to use that lasts all day?
Hi Jessica. For a full coverage, long lasting foundation, you’ll love our Rich Liquid foundation. Use it sparingly for a flawless look or in a thick layer for the ultimate coverage – it can even cover tattoos.

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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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