Back In Stock – Your Illamasqua Favourites

Hearing about your favourite products always inspires us, so we’re pleased to announce that some of your most highly reviewed pieces are now back-in-stock.

From our Matt Primer, perfect for creating a long-lasting shine-free base, to our global phenomenon Skin Base Foundation and lightly shimmering Powder Blusher in Morale and Ambition, these sought-after shades are always on our best sellers list – so we advise you grab them quickly!

As we mentioned before, we always love to hear about your favourite products and shades – so why not create your own review on any of the product pages at

And don’t forget… next week we’re adding a series of 7 stunning new shades to our Skin Base foundation range – Making Skin Base one of the widest ranging foundations on the market.

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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert