Ask An Artist: Foundation Shades Part II

“I’ve researched online and seen the swatches of RF 215, 205 and 240. 205 looks like the right base of a yellow warm tone although I’m darker that than. Shade 215 looks good but I’m just worried about it being too pink/cool for my skintone (I’m of asian descent). So that’s my only worry with this shade. Thanks for your help – Janice.”

Halimah, who some of you may know is a freelance artist for Illamasqua, has recently joined the Illamasqua Head Office team, so I now have her infinite product and cosmetic knowledge on tap, yay! I’ve asked for her help in answering this question…

“Below, I’ve swatched the foundations on my face. I have swatched both the Rich Liquid Foundation and the Cream Foundation as the colours vary slightly on the skin with the

I have a light asian skintone. I would recommend that you go with the Rich Foundation in a 215 – there are slight pink tones in this shade, but overall it’s a good, warm beige shade suitable for asian skins.

For your reference, from left to right: 210, 240, 215 and 205.

With the Cream Foundations, which are a brilliant texture for everyday or evening due to the
buildable coverage, I would perhaps say the 240 would be a good match. Like you said, you
could always mix it with a slightly lighter shade during the winter months or use it more sparingly – or why not try using it with the Satin Primer for a healthy glow [which we all need in Winter!]

From left to right is 205, 210, 215 and 240.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert