Ask An Artist: Black And White Shades

My daughter and I are freestyle dancers. I usually use black and white face paints on the eyes but would like to use an eyeshadow. Could you recommend any black and white colours that are dramatic on the eyes that will stay on and give a strong bold colour.Thanks a million – Sinead

*above – Lucy from Selfridges Trafford works the dark smoky eye look by using a similar technique to the one that Jay has outlined *

I asked James from Selfridges Birmingham to answer this question…

“Use Concealer 350 as a base all over the lid – I love using this for any smoky/ dark eye look; the staying power is incredible and of course the high levels of pigment give you a great base for any powder shadow to grab on to. I love to apply this with Illamasqua Eyeshadow Brush and use a pressing action to apply the concealer to the lid.

Next, take your choice of Powder Eye Shadow – I love ‘Machine’ for dark, sparkly drama – but you could use ‘Lestat’ if you prefer a more matt finish. Alternatively, Pure Pigment in ‘Android’ would look amazing if you want more of a sparkly effect.

Use the same Eyeshadow Brush to press the colour on top of the Concealer.

If you do want to create a more “winged” effect, you can use the tape method as shown in the Golden Goddess video, or you can use the edge of any Illamasqua compact as a stencil.

Use Blending Brush I to soften the colour into the crease of the eye.

Next, take Pure Pigment in ‘Tingle’ and press onto the brow bone. I would also add a dot of this onto the centre of the lid, this will stop the eye looking too heavy and add dimension to the look.

Line the waterline with either Medium Pencil in ‘Elate’ for a more wide eyed look or use the Sophie pencil for a dark, intense liner.

Line bottom lashes with the Sophie pencil and smudge over with your choice of black eyeshadow [as detailed above]

For intensity and a feminine flutter, apply False Eye Lashes – I love number 21.”

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert