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Anti Bullying Week #YouAreBeauty

As a brand that promotes the right to experiment and self-express, Illamasqua is proud to have such a diverse, individual & creative fan base, our Illamafia.

With the rise of social media and online bullying, we understand the pressures and comments that some young people will experience when expressing themselves online. Our #YouAreBeauty campaign for Anti-bullying week and the month of November encourages you to find your voice and speak out about your experiences of online bullying.

Online bullying, like any form of bullying, is the continuous harassment, hurtful comments and unwanted rumours circulated in the virtual world that never sleeps. As social media has become a daily part of life around the world, there has been a substantial and continual rise in bullying or ‘trolling”. Trolling thrives on users’ free will across social media and the Internet. Users who would usually avoid confrontation in person find themselves free to act as they wish online, insulting, harassing and targeting others behind a computer screen, most of the time, anonymously.

According to the NSPCC over 25,700 counselling sessions were held with young people who raised bullying and online issues last year alone, while another study found that over one in four children aged 11-16 experienced something upsetting on social media last year, the most reported issue being trolling. However, over three quarters of the children affected failed to speak out about their online issues.

This Anti-bullying month our #YouAreBeauty campaign is to raise awareness of the significant rise & visibility of online bullying and ultimately, to encourage people to speak out about their experiences and seek support. We collaborated with androgynous model and influencer, Rain Dove and model & author Stina Sanders on their personal online trolling experiences & the advice they would give to the victims of online bullying.
Illamasqua Anti bullying

“You’re on a path – you’ve been on it – they can’t derail you. They won’t derail you.” Rain Dove

illamasqua anti bullying
‘You Are Beauty’ defines our philosophy, focused on celebrating diversity and changing the social perception of sub-cultures. Since the birth of Illamasqua just 8 years ago, we wholeheartedly support and work alongside a charity built around the same principles, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation; they educate young people in schools up and down the country simply through the simple realities of bullying and the impacts and consequences that are often left with a victim.

Throughout the Sophie Lancaster Foundation’s 10 years of fundraising, educating and combined work with over 13 police forces around the country, the rise of social media and ‘trolling’ means that they have to change their strategy and approach to educating young people about the consequences of bullying and how to manage alternative hate crime.

Sylvia Lancaster spoke to us about the impact that one absent minded comment or post on social media can have on a person and carried with them throughout their lives, even without intentions of causing upset.

This year’s work from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation saw a change to previous years, which consisted of training with expected confidants e.g. teachers and parents now with thirteen police forces and over 500 respondent officers on board.

Read more about the work of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and their 2017 ‘make a noise year’ plans, here:

For regular updates, please follow their social media: Twitter @sophie_charity Instagram @Sophie_Lancaster_Foundation Facebook The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
As a brand that promotes the right to experiment and self-express, Illamasqua is proud to have such a diverse, individual & creative fan base, our Illamafia.

Join us in campaigning #YouAreBeauty and let’s make a stand together and with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Share your experiences and advice with our hashtag #YouAreBeauty and help to Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere.

Words by Jenna Day


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