Alter Ego Gallery

With the long Bank Holiday and Jubilee Weekend ahead of us, there is no better time to endulge in your royal alter ego’s! Here are some highlights from this week’s alter ego gallery…


For a flawless finish use our Matt Primer, it helps create a flawless, shine-free and long-lasting base. Tara Payliara used a warm contour shade perfect for a summer glow. Powder Eye Shadow in Vernau, part of the Human Fundamentalism Collection, is a warm yellow ochre shade which is great for contouring.


Isabel Curotto was inspired by our new Naked Strangers Collection and re-created the look beautifully. Isabel has used the Neutral Palette to build up a beautiful dark smokey eye. Add a touch of Liquid Metal in Electrum to the inner corner of the eyes for that extra glow and emphasis. For a stunning gold lip, apply our pigmented Intense Lipgloss in Stranger! To see the full Naked Strangers Collection, click here.


We love the use of colour used to create this look. To create a coloured liquid line, mix Sealing Gel with any of our Powder Eye Shadow’s or any powder based product to turn in to  a colour-intense, water-resistant paste that dries quickly and lasts for hours.


Luciana Marin re-created the line girl look from the Theatre of The Nameless Collection. To create a similar look use our Precision Ink in Abyss for an intricate design.  Create lips that look full and glossy using our Intense Lipgloss in Belladonna (deep pink). Pure Pigment in Beguille is a beautiful shimmer perfect for highlighting cheekbones and adds a hint of glamour.


Have an amazing Jubille weekend!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert