Alter Ego Gallery – Human Fundamentalism Special

Since the launch of the new collection we have seen an explosion of people unveiling their alter egos.. and with the nature of the collection, your looks are bolder and more daring than ever!

What amazing interpretations by Brittany Martin. Stunning colourful looks all inspired by the Human Fundamentalism collection. The first look has taken the Teal Marilyn’s white eye brow and made it Teal, we love a colourful eye brow at Illamasqua. To create a brow using anyone of our Powder Eye Shadows, just mix with Sealing Gel to create a colour-intense, water-resistant paste that dries quickly and lasts for hours… Be bold, be original and stand out from the crowd.
Here’s another stunning eyebrow design by Jack Elliott Tyson using Precision Ink in Scribe.
Fundamental Humans desire to express their inner self on the outside. Daniel Ellyot Moore breaks the mould with his expressive design. Precision Ink in Scribe is the new SS12 ‘Anti-Liner’ … Precision Inks are a great way to create delicate, precise lines and therefore work beautifully when applied on the nails.
Sabine Volette had her make-up done at the Illamasqua store and named her alter ego the Zombie Barbie. Experimenting with colour as a contour changes the rules when it comes to make-up.. for those who don’t want to be ordinary but extraordinary.
Guro Stålpus Tuft showed us her version of the Teal Marilyn look. Apply our Matt Primer and Skin Base in SB02 for a sleek, light tone to your skin.
Rise about mainstream limitations and exist in a world where individuality is recieved with celebration nor derision.


Human Fundamentalism is beyond conformity.
Beyond control.
Beyond hiding who we really are.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert