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We have some beautifully creative looks this week that we would like to share with you to spark some imagination of your own. Don’t forget next Wednesday on Halloween we will be sharing with you an exclusive Alter Ego Gallery exclusive to the best Hallowen looks!



Tara’s eyes look like a whirpool of colour. Begin with Powder Eye Shadow in Pivot in the inner corners of your eye lids. From the Complement Palette start with Focus as a base and then add Forgiveness over. Add a flick of Precision Ink in Wisdom over the eye lid. Add Slink from the same palette around the edges of your eye. Dab a tiny amount of Precision Ink in Scribe to the corners of your eyes. Medium Pencil in Torment on the waterline will capture all of the colours around the eyes. Lastly apply Masquara in Raven.



Kristiana’s look is stunning! If you wish to create a similar look begin with your shade in Skin Base Foundation and lightly dust Powder Blusher in Lover over the cheekbones. Use Liquid Metal in Electrum over the lids of the eye and add some Pure Pigment in Static on top. Blending Powder Eye Shadow in Livid after with a mixture of Powder Eye Shadow in Feint.  Apply Medium Pencil in Elate on the waterline of your eye and carry it across. Finish off this look with Eye Brow Cake in Thunder.


And remember if you do experiment with a new look, send it to us, we’d love to see it!




Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert