Alter Ego Gallery

Looking for some inspiration this week for a creative new look, or with Halloween soon approaching why not try recreating some of these cool looks!




This look is so bold and dynamic. If you want to recreate a similar look begin with a paler shade of Skin Base Foundation. Take Powder Eye Shadow in Victim and begin to trace out your eye design, adding Powder Eye Shadow in Sadist to darken up the edges and Stealth to lighten. Blend Cream Blusher’s Rude and Seduce together to create the swirl effect around the cheekbones and eyebrows. Lastly apply Intense Lipgloss in Succubus.



Jodie’s look reminds me of a an angelic snow queen. Her dewy complexion with a striking sparkle is just beautiful! Begin with Cream Blusher in Zygomatic across the cheekbones this will look great against the sparklers of glitter. Then add a mixture of  Pure Pigments in Alluvium and Static across the eyes and eyebrows, building up a thick layer to really let the sparkles shine through. A soft lipgloss such as Intimacy would finish this look off.

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks Alter Ego Gallery! Don’t forget to brace your Alter Ego this weekend and why not send in photos of what look you have created!


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert