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Accepting transgender

Transgender seems to be the hot topic in the media lately. In the last year, we have seen high profile figures bravely face the world and its scrutinising public eye to reveal the true feelings of their sexuality. Feelings they have felt forced to keep locked away for years, something that played a ‘burden’ on their lives. Yet there has now been a huge shift in the perception of changing sex. From former boxing promoter, Kellie Maloney who revealed her transition in 2014 and more recently, that infamous Vanity Fair cover introducing to the world Caitlyn Jenner, transgender has become a more familiar process to people.

For years, the term transgender was almost taboo. Society struggled to accept the idea that an individual can be born one way, yet grow up with the desire and belief to be the opposite. So unaccepted it was that many men and women who were indeed born into the wrong gender identity led lives keeping their true feelings undisclosed and for a lot of them, saw it as a secret they felt ashamed of.

There is absolutely no shame in being transgender. We are all blessed with one life and should all be given the same rule – to live it how we want. Here at Illamasqua, we aspire you to take pride in who you are and all you aspire to become. We don’t segregate people or judge choice in any way. Never have and never will. Seeing the growing acceptance of transgender worldwide shows the positive steps that are being taken and the transgender community have been able to finally speak up and show their true selves. Something very much deserved.  After all, imagine feeling something and not being able to share it? Imagine everyday knowing you are leading the wrong life but are unable to take the steps to lead the right one? These are what transgender individuals have had to face at some point in their lives. The restrictions they have faced can only be described as incredibly unfair.

Transgender Orange Is The New Black actress, Laverne Cox, recently said in an interview with Stella magazine that ‘everybody is trans. None of us fall neatly into the gender binary model. Most of us have a little bit of masculinity, a little bit of femininity.’ A very bold and valuable statement. There are many women who prefer wearing jeans, t-shirts and their favourite pair of trainers every day. They might commonly be known as ‘tom boys’. Then there are men, who obsess over how their hair looks and might even reach for a translucent powder to rid their oily t-zone. Some might see this as feminine.

In reality, how we choose to lead our lives is our choice and the paths we take should not be judged. For transgenders, day-to-day life is getting easier. There is still a long way to go in the struggle to make it a topic that really, should not have any hype around at all. But we as a society are on the right path and one day, we might not even be phased by it. What a dream that would be.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert