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A Day in the Life of Australian Brand Ambassador, Frances!

Today on Socialise we are joined by our beautiful Australian Brand Ambassador Frances. We wanted to find out a bit more about what Frances does on a day-to-day basis, so she has given us a sneak peek into some of the things she gets up to as well as how she started at Illamasqua and what her favourite products are…

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My name is Frances Cutri, I am a 26 years old Italian girl that lives in Sydney Australia. I have worked for Illamasqua from its launch in Australia in 2010 and I am now the Australian Brand Ambassador and loving every minute of it. Working for Illamasqua is a dream come true and after my first core training session with Head of Training, Daniel Busuttil, I knew I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador.

Illamasqua as a brand holds a very special place in my heart. I feel I have been a part of its growth in Australia and am excited to be able to share my knowledge and passion for the brand all over the country with all of the Illamasqua Australia team, and all of the new customers I meet.

My top three Illamasqua products have to be: Hydra veil because it instantly fixes the skin and makes it perfect for foundation application. I adore Skin Base foundation because I believe a foundation should look like your skin just better, I love perfecting skin and Skin Base allows me to do this effortlessly. My third would have to be our Skin Base Lift Concealer because these go hand in hand with Skin base and instantly brightens the under eye area and finishes off to form a perfect canvas.

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A day in the life of an Australian Brand Ambassador is often very eventful, busy and unpredictable – exactly how I like it. I travel a lot to all of the counters around Australia and these days are often very busy and exciting! I was recently in Adelaide for ten days doing training and opening our newest Australian counter with our amazing Adelaide team. When I am not traveling I am based on the Sydney counter and the first day of my working week normally goes like this…

6am– I wake up and have my coffee! Nothing happens before a coffee! I often check my emails and social media accounts while I have a coffee to see makeup looks that Illamasqua has posted on social media, or an image other Illamasqua artists have posted and this will inspire me for the makeup look I am going to create that day.

8am– By this time I am ready to go, I drive to work and I love using this time to listen to some random song I am obsessed with on repeat and call some Illamasqua counters to see how they are going and to give them some new exciting information.

9am– I often have appointments booked in for me by my VIP customers as I am not always in Sydney and they love to come in and get there makeup done and top up on some products.

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12pm– I do all the new product press releases with Tailor Maid, these normally happen over coffee at a cute café in the city and are always fun because I get to show all the magazine editors what Illamasqua will be launching in the next month.

1pm-By this time I’m back to the counter as this time is often very busy and I get to have fun trying on makeup for customers and showing them our latest products.

2pm– Lunch time! I am normally starving at this time and at the moment am obsessed with thai food! I love shopping and work in the middle of one of the best shopping destinations in the world so I tend to always come back with a bag from Zara with another piece of black clothing in it!

3pm– Back to the counter doing another appointment for someone that is going out that night, I love doing a smokey eye and normally get to do one at this time of the day.

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4pm– I have a meeting with Illamasqua Australia’s brand manager Mikele Simone, these meetings are normally about what is happening within the company and with Australia, new staff being hired and my agenda over the next week.

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5pm– Our teams in Australia are growing by the week so I use this time to do some makeup training on one of the staff members that is on counter that day, these are always fun and one of my favorite things to do as I feel a makeup artist can never stop learning.

6pm-I am finished for the day and before I leave the counter I have a de-brief with the team and I like to always finish off my day by getting myself and the team pumped on what’s in store for the next day!

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Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about my daily routine as an Illamasqua Brand Ambassador. I would love it if you could check out my Twitter and  Instagram page where you can keep up with more of what I get up to, as well as some of the make-up looks I create on counter!

Frances x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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